PSN Store Struggling, Kicking Up 80023102 Errors

Reports are coming in that the PlayStation Network Store appears to be struggling.

Users are complaining of missing past download lists, 80023102 errors, an inability to buy anything new and – frustratingly – online codes just aren’t able to be activated.


We’re hearing that Sony are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it as soon as they can, Customer Services, at least, are saying it’s maintenance but that doesn’t really ring true.

We’ll update as we hear more.



  1. Yep :( I can’t view downloads + download any demos etc etc. The only good thing is this is RARE because PSN is normally perfect for me;)

  2. i’ve been getting this for few days, it’s not just new stuff either, stuff i’ve already bought can’t be downloaded.
    when i press the download button it says “this content been purchased select download to download it” something like that anyway.

  3. Message pops up saying it’s undergoing maintenance!

  4. Prehaps the store has decided to act like the South whenever it snows down here and has overrated to it. :p

    I reckon something’s been released that has proven to be very popular and has caused a massive surge of users during the past week thus causing the store to crap itself.

    • Yup, us Southeners just cant cope with it!

      Unfortunately, this seems to be coming a more frequent thing with the PSN :(

      • I’m surprised our weather forcast doesn’t consist of the weatherman going” It will snow, FUUUUUUUU… PANIC! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!” then runs off.

      • i just looked out my window.

        it’s the APOCALYPSE. \O_O/


        the end of days, ragnarok.


  5. It’s all those PS Vitas accessing the network.. oh.. wait

  6. Yeah i have been trying to download the Kingdoms of Amular demo since yesterday but its not happening.

  7. Mine’s been working all day, and my connection isn’t great, so it can’t be a system wide thing (or however these things work).

    • Mines been fine too, picked up the twisted metal, FFXIII-2 and Gotham Beta’s and demos. All downloaded faster than usual actually.

      • Probably because nobody else can get on! We’ve got it to ourselves!

      • time to go crazy on my downloads then!

  8. is this only happening in the UK because i don’t seem to have any issues with it over in the US?

  9. No problem here :-)

  10. Mines has been broken since Wednesday I’m in the Midlands UK everything in my down load list gone if i buy a game it does go through but no option to download.
    all the items show in the transaction history so should be able to get them back but may take some time the Sony support guy said
    at first I had never bought anything and that was why it was empty that gave me great confidence in their ability.
    hope they fix what ever it is soon

    • Me too, I’m from Coventry which is near enough to you and I have this problem. Nothing downloads and when I check previous downloads it’s says “No content found”. I asked Sony and they say it’s a widespread problem that will be fixed as soon as possible…

      …2 months then lol.

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