Auto Club Revolution Beta Keys Giveaway

Auto Club Revolution is a free-to-play online racing game developed by Eutechnyx. The game impressed us in our hands on with it where we said:

As a free to play game this should be accessible for the more hardcore driving enthusiasts and those just wanting something to do in their lunchtime.” .

The game is set to be released on PC in the near future but if you cant wait until then, then why not try the beta?

If you fancy trying it out for yourself then it just so happens that we have 200 beta keys to give away! Simply fill in the form below and your code will be emailed to you.

Auto Club Revolution Beta Keys
Please fill in the form below to claim your beta key.
1. TSA id: *
2. Email: *

Your beta key will be emailed to you manually so this may take a bit of time, but usually it will be sent to you within an hour.

If you’re still on the fence then take a look at one of the tracks from the game, ‘L.A. River’.



  1. That forms reminds of the XP’s and even windows 98 user interfaces. My laptop is not capable of gaming so i won’t be grabbing one to sell one Ebay. WAIT! I mean grabbing to play. :p

  2. Got one, gonna give it a go now I’ve got my PC fixed. Not really into racers on the PC, but hey, I’m open to trying something new :)

  3. Hoping this runs on my computer okay, cheers to the key. Looks like it could have something to offer.

  4. The beta is a lot of fun, did a hands-on a few weeks a go if you want to have a look :)

    • As the article above links it. Ahem.

  5. looks good will give it a go

  6. Adam your a star! thx m8y ;)

  7. That’s cool. Have fun!

  8. Nomnom.

  9. I have one but I dont really like it to be honest :/

  10. Submitted {:’)

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