GT5 Update Coming Tomorrow

Just a quick heads-up to GT5 fans that Kazunori Yamauchi has announced a new title update for Gran Turismo 5. Set for tomorrow, February 7th, nothing was mentioned as to what the update might bring.

If you do grab the update, feel free to let us know what it contains.

Source: Andriasang


  1. Ponies, horses, unicorns and motorbikes.
    That’s what my money’s on!

    • Standard or Premium unicorns?

      • Standard, though we can pay for them to be upgraded to premium in the next car pack released.

      • Surely, you mean Pony Pack, right? :P

      • Sorry, typo :P

    • Bikes would be awesome but I’d bet on Tourist Trophy 2 to house those in the future ;)
      I’d like to see championships added to the race set ups in lobby options….with options to predefine car class and track to be used for each race….or even a shuffle championship :)

      • Bikes, want bikes that’d be quality. PGR4 style mixed races would be immense. They did have them in the originalGT5 concept thing when the PS3 was announced, and were supposedly going to be introducing them at some point. Make it this point. Please.
        Even if it were as DLC that would do, rather than a full fat TT2.

      • I think that back when we were expecting something new to be introduced, there was speculation between Karts and Bikes, but they went with Karts. I’d love to see Bikes added but it I think they’d opt for a new game built from the ground up or Full Fat TT as you say…there’s a huge gap in the market for a quality Bike sim with only really SBK as a competitor, so it’d make commercial sense to release a new Tourist Trophy rather than add bikes to GT5 as DLC….I’d love to be proved wrong mind, and I’d buy the DLC in an instant!!

  2. Big rigs and monster trucks!

  3. I’d love to see big rigs & bikes in gt5, big rigs on kart space I ;)

  4. Well it could be the same cars as Forza 4 is getting tomorrow, if it’s to do with licencing for certain vehicles:

    • Personally I’m hoping for the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0. Doubtful though :(

  5. In all seriousness it would be great to have the few remaining online bugs squished, although we’ve had some reasonable meets recently with only Stan suffering (bless him!).

    Oh and some way to get to Level 40 A Spec quickly and a way of purchasing 700 cars in 5 seconds.

  6. Hopefully ability to fast forward B-Spec races like in GT4.

  7. I just want to save mid 24 hour race or save every few hours in a 24 hour race really(no way in hell am i leaving my PS3 on for 24 hours)
    + Every GT5 car to be Premium cars…hmm… :D

    • Errrr you can already do that?!

    • I’m not sure if they could do it the second time to be honest.

    • When you pit, you get the option to suspend a race. Select that and it’ll save your progress. Just be warned that you can’t do anything else on GT5 until you finish or quit that endurance race.

  8. I’ll wait and see what this update contains, then I’ll start my last 24h race, the Nurburgring.

  9. Cross game chat? :p

    I wonder if it is just a bog standard update that fixes any minor problems or if it will add a lot of new content?

  10. February 7th, my birthday :D

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