Sony Say “Entire PSN” Will Become SEN

Further to the emails that went out over the weekend to PlayStation Network subscribers that said accounts would be renamed to Sony Entertainment Network accounts, Sony have confirmed (to Eurogamer) that it’s wider reaching than just accounts.

Indeed, despite our article to the contrary, it’s not just PlayStation Network accounts that will be changed, but “the entire PSN platform will become Sony Entertainment Network.”


A spokesperson for Sony confirmed to the site that the PSN being changed to SEN will make it “clearer and easier” for people to associate everything that Sony does.  We’re also hearing a firmware update will make some of these changes apply to PlayStation 3 in the near future.

Which is about as concrete as it possibly could be.

Update: Sony has again contacted Eurogamer to explain that they missed out a word in their original clarfication. That word was “account”, which completely reverses the meaning of the statement they made earlier.

The updated Sony statement now reads “It’s just an account name change and will be called SEN from now on. Should make it clearer and easier for people to associate the service with all Sony products and have one log-in.”

Which confirms what we originally assumed over the weekend. If we’d made this up, nobody would have believed us. Bizarre.



  1. I’m still calling it PSN.

    • I’m going to call it PSEN.

      • Catchy.

      • With a silent ‘P’?

      • I’ll just say it how I say PSN: “P-S-EN”

      • I’m going to write it as “Raymond Luxury Yacht” but pronounce it “Throat wobbler mangrove”.

    • ^lol

  2. I don’t care what its called. Just want to be able to see my downloads!

    • Same, they can call it whatever they want.

      • Mine were working again this morning

  3. Why the big kerfuffle? the functionality remains, and this is simply folding all PSN accounts into a new, wider, more concerted digital marketplace for all aspects of Sony’s many businesses.

    SEN accounts are now to Sony what the Apple ID is to Apple, what a Google Account is to Google. Unified and universal.

    • PlayStation Network itself will be no more, not just a changing of the name of the account. FW update will rebrand it on PS3/Vita

      • Doesn’t change any of the functionality, though, from a purely PS3 and gaming perspective nothing is really different, except that all mentions of PSN become SEN.

        When it comes to wider functionality and services, it just means I’ve already got an account and log in details for when they come about, and I want to use them.

        So again, why the big kerfuffle?

      • No kerfuffle except Sony haven’t a clue themselves.

        1st they announce name account change but fail to clarify network name change leaving stories to run out of control

        Then they do clarify it as a network name change not just account name change

        Then they now re-clarify their incorrect clarification an it is just an account name change not a network name change.

        No difference to anyone whatever anything is called, kerfuffle is Sony’s handling of a simple pr matter & their subsequent (mis-)handling of it

      • No more ending Pulse tune. “This has been a presentation of the PlayStation network.”

  4. It makes perfect sense, Sony get the chance to join up all their services regardless of the device you choose to access them on.

    PlayStation is a strong brand, sadly for Sony, ‘Sony’ itself isn’t really any more. Every division except for PlayStation is way down the list of brands in their respective markets, although I suppose it could be argued that even PlayStation is 3rd out of 3.

    Oh well, good job it doesn’t really matter what they call it, I just hope there’s less intrusive maintenance in future than there has been.

  5. sen means “late” in swedish. bit fitting at the moment…

    • At least Sony have carried out research and named the network appropriately then.

    • or just in scandinavian

    • SEN means dream in slovak language :) so lets hope it`s going to be a dream to use it.

      • Nightmares are also dreams.

        If they just fix the downloads list in the store so it can be categorized and searched the same way as all the content I’ll be happy.

  6. So, what were you saying, Jas-n? ;)

    • henceforth to be known as J-SEN.. :)

  7. does it mean if we are called the same as SCEA etc, that we get as good as their service? naaaaah ! Still the same rubbish

  8. To be honest, I couldn’t care less what it’s called.

    If it lets me play games online, the name doesn’t matter.

    • Here Here .

    • Right?

      The biggest surprise in all of this is that people actually appear to care. Remarkable.

  9. I’d settle for them fixing the damned thing, rather than changing it’s name.

    It would be a nightmare if they didn’t have it fixed by the Vita Launch, and a personal hell if we cannot get The Simpsons Arcade game on Wednesday. The live arcade is continuing to tempt me and I don’t want to waste my cash.

  10. I think i just heard Jas-n explode.

    As long as i can still access my account, i don’t really care about the rebranding. Does this mean that SCEE will get rebranded into a better company then? ;)

    • New name, same soul, old ways

      • Not if they use the power of generic item to wipe their memories and thus use them to give us an excellent service.

        Or do a massive poll to see what everyone thinks of them, thus forcing them to step up their game.

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