The Ultimate Guide To PS Vita’s European Launch Line-Up

Console launches are a tricky time. I know, you’ve read our full hardware review from last year and you’ve decided you want a PlayStation Vita, but the myriad of launch games is still rather daunting. Right? Well, we’re hear to fix this – the machine (and all the games) are out in two weeks, so it’s time to start picking out the titles that’ll keep you busy on launch day.

So, below is a list of all the games that are out on day one (and a couple shortly after) along with our thoughts on the game, the price, file size where known (if you’re downloading them from the PSN Store rather than buying cartridges) and a link to that game’s Trophy List if it’s currently public and out in the open.  Hopefully, with this list to hand, you’ll be all set…



Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Published by: Sony RRP: £44.99
Available on: Cartridge and PSN Download Size: 3.4GB
Trophy List: Click here Coverage: Review (9/10)
What’s Good: Proper PS3-esque Uncharted adventure with all the trimmings What’s Bad: No online, and the last few minutes is one long QTE

Uncharted: Golden Abyss is easily the most anticipated PS Vita launch title, with an attach rate (the proportion of people that buy the game against those buying the hardware) surely near to 1:1. It’s a proper, full length Uncharted game, without any compromise, and plays very much like the first PlayStation 3 Uncharted.

It’s a really great showcase for the Vita, too, with stunning graphics, great animation and – once you’re used to the (optional but recommended) gyro aiming, headshots are easier on Vita than on PS3. If you’re getting a Vita (and we assume you are) then Uncharted is the game that you need to pick up alongside it.


WipEout 2048

Published by: Sony RRP: £34.99
Available on: Cartridge and PSN Download Size: 1.6GB
Trophy List: Click here Coverage: Article
What’s Good: Loads to do and unlock, and you can play against PS3 WipEout HD owners What’s Bad: Framerate drops if there’s a lot going on

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: WipEout 2048 is majestic. It’s a truly beautiful game (despite running at 30fps) and – thankfully – has the gameplay and scope to back up the visuals. It’s a constantly growing, evolving thing that slowly grabs you before snaring you in for the long haul.

The single player is big, but the online is just as capable, with constant streams of Friend data, unlocks and new events making the game a hugely rewarding one. The music’s great, too, but it’s the ship sound effects that really raise the smiles – play this game with a decent pair of cans for a stunning experience.


Everybody’s Golf 6

Published by: Sony RRP: £34.99
Available on: Cartridge and PSN Download Size: 1.2GB
Trophy List: Click here Coverage: Online Pass included
What’s Good: Another lengthy campaign and the online world is copied from the PS3 version What’s Bad: Low resolution graphics, and little has changed over past iterations

You’ll know whether this is for you or not already – the Everybody’s Golf (or Hot Shots Golf in the US) series has loads of fans and thus sticks to its own rules every iteration. Again, little has changed here but it’s still the best golf game on a console, knocking Tiger Woods into the rough.

Sadly, the resolution isn’t great, everything’s a bit low-res and scaled up so it’s hardly the best looking game on the system. That said, online is robust and the single player’s still as addictive as it has ever been. The relatively small download size means that this is one you’ll want on your memory card so it’s always to hand.

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  1. “load times are still lengthy”

    Noo… one thing that carries on from MNR… and I hated it, as this is portable surely freetime is wasted loading for like 3 minutes or something. Can’t say I’m surprised really.

    • Oh, it’s nothing like 3 minutes. It’s actually less than WipEout.

  2. Great and useful artical Nofi! I enjoyed your negative Jacko comment, lol! I can’t believe Ridge Racer has only 5 cars and 3 tracks!! Not that I was going to buy it.
    Just Uncharted, MotorStorm RC and Escape Plan for me – with no need to switch game cartridge!! Shame you didn’t know the game sizes of the latter, although my 4gb should cover me for now.

    • Possibly not – Uncharted’s big and Motorstorm and Escape Plan will likely run at over a GB combined. That’ll be more than your 4GB mate.

      • I should have said I was buying Uncharted on cartridge! But still no need to switch games since the other 2 are download only game! :)

      • Ah, then yes, you’re all set. =)

  3. When will the Reviews come in?

    • 15th of Feb.

      • Nice and by the sound,looks like VT4 will get as high as 9/10?

  4. Excellent article!
    Answered all my questions :)

  5. Awesome article, must of taken ages to compile!

  6. Blimey, longest TSA article ever?

  7. Where it says N/A for trophies is that just because trophy info isnt available yet, or because the games dont have them?

    Have been looking forward to playing a trophy enabled version of Ninja Gaiden but I’ll hold off if the game doesnt have them I think

    • Ah nevermind, just read the top bit of the article – that’ll teach me to dive straight in to the games ive preordered :)

    • Depends. We have trophies for some games that aren’t listed but are bound by NDAs.

      • Bah, pesky NDAs – are you able to confirm that NG does have trophies or is that off limits?

  8. Really really useful and very well put together. I’m totally undecided on the vita, think I may have to wait a while, but for those early purchasers this is an excellent resource. Damn I’m tempted but really shouldn’t, wonder of my Mrs would appreciate an Indian gift for Valentine’s? :-)

    • I think virtua tennis may have just made me want a vita, didn’t even realise it existed!

      • Yeah, it’s a beautiful game.

      • Same here. It looks absolutely brilliant (except for the first person mode, not visually but in terms of usefulness) and if I end up buying a Vita during my summer vacation I’m not sure I can pass up on this game…

  9. Dynasty Warriors looks great, I’ve completely forgotten about that and Army Corps of Hell and far as I’m aware with Shinobido the first was reviewed negativity, camera I guess since I thought it was awkward. Hopefully there’s a demo for it.

  10. Shame F1 20-whatever has shaped up so poorly. I remember only having F1 Champoinship edition for three months on my launch PS3, its crispness and speed was magical and the beginning of my frequent racing game induced headaches. T-minus fourteen months until I will allow myself to buy a Vita :)

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