WeView Verdict: Bulletstorm

I was having a little bit of a break last week, so didn’t know what game Peter had selected for WeView. However, Bulletstorm is a good pick from him, a game that’s well worthy of some attention. In an FPS market that seems almost entirely saturated by the modern military setting, the generally ridiculous nature of Bulletstorm provides some much needed variety and contrast.

To say that a few of you picked up on what sets Bulletstorm apart from its FPS brethren would be somewhat of an understatement, it was core to what many of you had to say about the game. For example Dan pointed out that “It’s immature, loud, offensive, and just what I needed for a change of pace after the last few games I had played”, which pretty much sums up everything you need to know about the title.

However, whilst Dan may have put it as concisely as possibly, this effort from ElDave0 simply couldn’t be overlooked. He sums it up nicely but… well just for yourself:

Without generalising too much, modern day FPS’ are boring and repetitive. Bulletstorm on the otherhand takes most of the conventions that make FPS’ so dreadful and dropkicks them into a nearby cactus while spouting numerous F-bombs and controlling a giant robotic dinosaur.

If any comment on the game is worthy of inclusion I think that’s certainly it.

Whilst the game’s general insanity was worth of praise from many, there were some who found a few of the elements a little jarring. For example our very own Tuffcub wasn’t too happy about the game’s dialogue, which he termed “clunking” and noted that “Every other funking word starts with eff. Needed a decent script editor.” From what I remember of the game it certainly did have a few problems with the dialogue, and could probably have been toned down a little without losing too much of the effect.

[drop]Of course, not everyone was completely enamoured with the game. Although this was one of our most positive weeks, Omac_brother wasn’t at all happy in his opinion of the game. “I like a flawed protagonist as much as the next man, but I just couldnt finish this game because I actually hated the main character.” Which is perfectly reasonable, given the brashness and the general over the top nature of the game and its characters. However, I think Omac_brother perhaps disliked him a little too much, noting that by the end he “preferred walking blindly into fire just to watch him die rather than ducking for cover.” That does seem fairly harsh given he is only a fictional character.

Finally, a brief word on the graphics. I haven’t touched on these yet, and really it seems that Mickey2010 has it sewn up pretty nicely. I mean how could you need more than “it looks brilliant not so much the graphics but the colours it’s like an orgasm for you eyes!” An orgasm for your eyes? Wonderful

So with those views of the game explored, lets take a look at the overall community verdict. There were fourteen of you who decided to share your thoughts about the game and attach a rating, and the verdict was pretty one sided. With just one of you saying that other gamers should Avoid It, the resounding voice of the community confirms that you should Buy It. There you have it, Bulletstorm is certainly worth a look. When I get a moment I’ll make sure it goes from my “pile” and into the drive.



  1. Well there you have it, go out and buy it.

  2. Haha. Perhaps I was being overly critical… Nah, I really did hate the guy.

    • Out of curiousity, if grayson hunt had shut the hell up, what rating would you have ginen bulletstorm?

    • He is a massive cock, I found it it hard to like him as well.

      • I do agree. Most of my laughs in bulletstorm were from the improbable killshots and ishi’s precision strike swearing. Hunt, on the other hand, was a parody of a 13 year old playing call of duy, but not for the better.

      • Yeah, he’s a bit of an ass but the game’s good enough to make up for that.

      • I’ll always equate that guys voice with Oghren from Dragon Age so i can’t really remember much about the character other than that.

    • I think that if he had shut up throug out the game, I probably could have finished it. The fact that his stupid actions in the 1st 15 mins of the game is the cause to everything that followed, compounded by the fact that he continued to remind you that he just is a complete div by mouthing off every 15-20 seconds… Loved the game play, hated the character.

  3. Has Dark Void been done yet? I’d be interested to hear peoples’ opinions of that. I’m certainly not short of a few.

  4. Bought this last week and enjoyed it very much. It offered new and interesting challenges. Will give the multiplayer a proper go soon as well.

  5. Yay, my comment got a mention :) My favourite part of these WeView articles is that it encourages me to replay some of my older games to refresh my memory. As “theaface” mentioned above, Dark Void would be a great one considering what a commercial failure it was

    • Always wanted to play that but never got around to buying it. A weview would make my decision for me, whether to buy it now or just forget about it and play the other couple of dozen of games I’ve yet to get around to.

      • I personally really enjoyed it, however I stupidly opted for a “platinum run” and therefore played on top difficulty straight away… bad plan lol. Some bits were a bit tricky to say the least.

  6. I must try harder to make my comments witty and engaging enough to get a mention next time. I do like this article though.

  7. Boom! got a mention! it is a good game and the Killshots were awesome

  8. Sounds good, and is due to be picked from my backlog, though I impatiently jumped into Rage having given pretty much explored every last square foot of Skyrim.

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