UC3 Update 1.04 Goes Live, New DLC Soon

In short, 1.04 brings very little to the Uncharted 3 multiplayer experience. Developer Naughty Dog announced the update yesterday, and aside from fixing a minor treasure-drop issue affecting the Hard/Crushing tier co-op missions, there’s little else changing the game in its current state.

1.04 also makes way for the next batch of DLC which is expected to launch first in the States later today. Though not yet accessible, players can preview the flock of new hero/villain skins added to the current stock.


A number of keen fans also pointed out that a new co-op mission based in The Fort has also been added to playlist (as we had previously expected.) However the content of this bonus mission or whether it will come with a pricetag has yet to be confirmed.

Source: Naughty Dog blog



  1. A patch that does nothing but prepare for rubbish DLC.


    • It’s fairly minor, agreed, but some people will appreciate the DLC (such as myself.)

    • Hardly rubbish DLC but I guess you’re entitled to your opinion.

    • One co-op mission, Doughnut skins that look stupid, and generic characters from single player.

      Can’t see what’s so exciting about that.

      • It’s one release in a large number of releases – I’m happy for DLC to be released in bite size chunks.
        I get annoyed with the current generation attitude that we are somehow owed specific extra content for certain games, we didn’t have this kind of thing on the PS2 etc. I am very happy for the additional content and the content that is to come, especially with the great discounts associated with the Fortune Hunter package. I’m happy the developers are taking the time to create it and to offer it to consumers.

  2. Just in case u forgot we pay good money for additional content!
    It’s not free or else they wouldn’t make them. Duh!

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