Druckmann And Straley Discuss The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us game director Bruce Straley and creative director Neil Druckmann have, as part of Game Informer’s month long exclusive on the game, appeared in an interview with the magazine.  It looks like if you want new details on The Last Of Us, Game Informer’s the place to be.

[drop2]There’s plenty of new information discussed, including how the game kicks off and how the two main protagonists – Joel and Ellie – will interact during the story, and lots of shots of concept art as the two do their talky thing.


There’s some nice discussion about what such an outbreak would mean to the planet in terms of technology and how everything would break down, it seems like Naughty Dog are really pushing for something believable in this one.

For whatever reason, though, GI don’t allow embeds of their videos, so you’ll need to click through (via the first link in this article) to watch it.

In other news, AGB have pushed a series of 720p screens live which we’re not posting here in their entirety but might be worth a look – they don’t have watermarks that I can see so it’s not clear where they’re from.

The slightly fussy nature suggests they’re probably from a video but it’s hard to tell as AGB don’t tend to source anything.  I’ll keep an eye out for the origin.

Interestingly, VG247 are running the lot regardless, so I’ve used the ones with their watermarks on. NowGamer have also published the screens, citing a ‘GI video’ but without a direct link to it (just the home page) so we’re still as confused.

We’ll be happy to give credit or remove them as necessary.



  1. Looks and sounds really quite good

  2. Fussy? Or fuzzy? (Or both?)

  3. That interview has certainly piqued my interest, more than any screenshot’s I’ve seen. Seems like it could be a damn good game.

  4. Low res truck. So we meet again…
    At least it looks better from the inside! :P

  5. What’s the news on a projected release date for this?

    • Seeing how the game was meant to be revealed at last years E3 or something, and how long it’s been in production (isn’t this the third year?), my guess is this years November. Or 12.12.12, just to have that date.

      • I’m guessing more of an early 2013 release.

  6. Maybe the images are scans or something.
    Game looks better and better. Sure, the cars aren’t too impressive, but they didn’t look too good in Uncharted either, and the rest makes up for it.

  7. I really cannot wait for this, I think I’m going to go on a media blackout soon though as I trust Naughty Dog to do it right and I want the game to be a big surprise when I pick it up. Did the same with Uncharted 3 and although I knew what to expect gameplay wise, I didn’t know half the story before I played it so enjoyed it even more because of that :)

    • I made the mistake of watching all the trailers etc, and while it is great in the run up it does take away somewhat from the end result of the game – So I will do my best to not spoil myself for TLoU

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