KISS Angry Birds & PlayStation Games On The Way

Despite the subheader this news does not refer to puckering up to a p*ssed off partridge.

The band KISS are in talks with Rovio to merge the world of face painted rockers, smug pigs and suicidal birds.  KISS front man Gene Simmons spoke to Industry Gamers;


Hello Kitty is one of the biggest brands on planet Earth. Now there’s KISS Hello Kitty, which we’ve already launched in 90 countries. We’re talking with Angry Birds, KISS and Angry Birds, which will become a deal.

Gene also revealed a KISS golf course in Las Vegas and that the band are ‘talking with Sony games now.’

Source: Industry Gamers



  1. KISS Angry Birds could be fun to see.

  2. WTF?!

    • There’s cashing in then there’s CASHING IN! Wow, KISS. Quite the gaggle of whores, eh?

      • That is about the most convaluted cash-in I’ve heard of. Way worse than the Tiger Woods Theo mode.

  3. I think I’ve eaten too many of those ‘special’ brownies my neighbor makes again.

  4. O-o that’s pretty much it. *backs away slowly*

  5. I’d rather want Immortal or the odd Black Metal angry birds over …bloody Kiss… >.>

  6. Always felt that there was something missing from Angry Birds, now I realise exactly what it was…

  7. now angry birds i can understand, there are already a few angry birds promotional tie in games.

    but hello kitty?
    and KISS?


    the phrase “jumped the shark” comes to mind here for some reason.

  8. Also.. Sony games?? I think this just confirms the existence of Sackboy costumes and… maybe tracks for its sound or even its karting spin-off?

    oh yeah.. KISS Singstar…

    • Kiss Singstar i will definatly purchase day one.

  9. Hello Kitty stuff will be because of Peter Criss’ catface make up, I imagine. Hilarious.
    Angry Birds will be because Rovio will whore that out to anyone they think might get it an extra five minutes in the spotlight.

  10. best tagline ever, im fully expecting Kiss of Duty anytime now :)

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