Mass Effect 3 From Dust DLC Leaked?

Mass Effect 3 is getting day one DLC, called From Dust, apparently. The story comes from a US GameStop customer who purchased the DLC code in store when ordering Mass Effect 3.  An image (from Joystiq) of the supposed code receipt can be seen below.


It must be stressed that the DLC claim has not been verified by either BioWare or EA, and until the subject is addressed by either of those companies, there is no confirmation either way for the existence for the ‘From Dust’ DLC.

Earlier today it was revealed that there will be a Mass Effect iOS game, which Peter covered here.

Source: CVG / Tip from The Lone Steven



  1. Awww… I though it was going to be a Mass Effect- From Dust crossover. :(

  2. If this is true then i’m very disappointed. ME3 is not even out yet and already there may be DLC. *explodes from built up rage*

  3. lol @ ME3/Dust crossover. But seriously day one DLC? thats just crap. Theyre bleeding us dry. ‘you dont have to get this, it wont affect your overalll experience’ im a huge ME fan so i do have to get this, but why cant it be in disk? it should be free if you buy the game day one, like a reverse GOTY edition.

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