New Battleships Game Announced

Activision have announced a tie in game with the upcoming ‘Its-not-Transfomers-at-sea-honest’ Battleships movie.

The game will be a stand alone story and not follow the plot of the movie. It follows elite demolitions specialist Cole Mathis as he ‘clashes against an aquatic-based extraterrestrial peril in the sand and sea of the beautiful Hawaiian archipelago.’


Cole will command the U.S. Navy fleet in a ‘siege on the sea’ in tactical sections and also coordinate the battle on the ground.

Battleships arrives on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this May and is being developed by Double Helix. ‘Uniquely designed versions’ (i.e. different) will land for the Wii, Nintendo DS and 3DS, these are being developed by Magic Pockets.

In case you had not guessed, the non strategy bits in the PS3 & Xbox 360 versions are in glorious FPS-O-Vision.

Source: Press Release



  1. You sunk my battleship!

    • The hell I did!

      • Sorry about that, was aiming at France…

      • AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F**K YEAH!!!!!!!

    • Well, it should have gotten out of my way!

  2. Hmmmm, my ‘dross alarm’ is going off.

  3. Acti doing another FPS. Colour me surprised.

  4. that chess fps i predicted is looking more and more likely all the time.

    • can’t wait for the Snakes and ladders role playing game

      • Lol Hazelam, I honestly laughed at that pretty hard. Problem is it’s probably gonna come true :(

  5. They should just re release that little known (but brilliant) PS2 game ‘Naval Ops:Warship Gunner 2’, coz Thats what i thought of when i first saw the trailer for the film

  6. i would love to see a traditional battleships game released for the ps vita that uses AR

  7. Is Battleship(the film) based on the board game?

    I really hope they won’t insist on a full retail price as to be honest, i think it is best suited as an XBLA/PSN game. :) But really, was the FPS bit nesseccary, Acti? It’s Battleships! Not something that i thought needed the FPS treatment.

    • The film is ‘inspired’ by the boardgame (and also ‘inspired’ a lot by the Transfomers movies). The film stars Rihanna.

      I’m sure it will up there with Citizen Kane :)

  8. Another lame NON HD game from Activision.

  9. FPS! Yes! Yes! Yes!……sorry got a bit over excited by another FPS!:P

    ‘clashes against an aquatic-based extraterrestrial peril in the sand and sea of the beautiful Hawaiian archipelago.’

    Eh, clashes with a what?

    • A water based, alien scare with bland yellows and blues and the odd non destructable palm tree. Is that not obvious?

  10. Wait, battleships has aliens now? I suppose it would be too much to actually have a film explore a tense naval standoff.

    • You didn’t think Hollywood would actually stick to the roots of BS did ya?

    • the best thing to do with this movie is try to forget it’s based on Battleships and just think of it as an alien invasion movie with Liam Neeson in it.

      it actually looks ok if you think of it that way.

      • “Where is my daughter?!”

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