PS3 Firmware 4.10 Brings, Wait For It, A Decent Browser!

The PlayStation 3 has another firmware update, taking the console to version 4.10.

With it, probably one of the best upgrades we’ve seen for a good while – a decent web browser.  “The Internet browser has been improved,” says the German PlayStation site, “which optimizes the display of content and increases the accuracy when viewing page layouts.”

[drop2]”Some sites that previously could not be correctly displayed, including interactive websites, are now supported with the PS3 system software 4.10.”

Indeed, it’s now infinitely better, with a quick HTML5 test kicking out a score of 80 (it had a zero before) and ACID3 scoring 99, which is remarkable (the Vita scores 53).   Better still, YouTube and Twitter now work perfectly.

Oddly there’s no mention of the update on the EU Blog, hopefully they’ll wake up soon enough, but it is on the US version but for some reason they just say it’s “improved display speed” and completely missing the point.

4.10 also includes all the Sony Entertainment Network stuff that we’ve been going back and forth over for a few days.  As you’d expect (before a missing word threw everything off for a few hours) the PSN is still there nice and proud.

The update is live now, as is the update for Vita taking it to 1.60.



  1. Awesome! This is great news!

    • Couldnt agree more ^_^

    • About time, but it is.

      The new firmware also has automatic update of time support now.

    • Definitely! I actually use (or try to use) the browser for a lot of my needs! (Not *that* you sicko)

      • Wow I’m actually using the new browser right now and its pretty darn good. I’m so happy right now :’)

  2. Wow great news , hopefully I can watch dodgy

    • Sorry silly phone thumbs , not awake yet.

    • Dodgy Porn !

    • Haha, that sentence could not have ended at a more incriminating point

      • Yeah, first thing I thought when it ended at dodgy was porn :P

  3. Wow great news , hopefully I can watch dodgy football streams without the browser crashing now .

    • Great get out clause there matey ;-)

  4. So the vita now has a decent web browser too? Is that correct? Great news either way for ps3 now it really does do everything

    • Well everything except backwards compatibility with PS2 and have Other OS. Still the browser update was very much needed. It was almost unusable for me after 4.0.

      • Oh shut up for christs sake.

        OtherOS was rubbish and nobody cared, and PS2 games in 2012? Come on, the only PS2 game that hasn’t been replaced by a better seqel, is SSX, and that’s coming very soon….

      • Jak and Daxter and i’m pretty sure there’s loads more :)

      • Comments like this (and others you have posted) are not appreciated, if you continue posting rude comments your account will be banned.

      • Lol, looks like someone missed the great OtherOs debates here on TSA! :)

  5. @tonycawley the Vita was always decent ish.

    • Oh, I read somewhere on here someone saying it was a little poo.

      • Well the Vita browser is Netfront, a better version than the PS3 had, but still not as good as what you might be used to on other mobile/portable devices.

      • @tonycawley Yeah me too. It certainly wasn’t an opinion piece by a member of the TSA, and it most definitely did NOT cause a large outcry among some TSA readers. ;)

        @TheDeathAvenger Yeah it’s a shame that Sony don’t work out a deal with Google or even the Mozilla (Foundation?) to get a capable browser like Chrome to Playstation devices.

  6. Have they finally changed to webkit (as in Chrome & Safari)?

  7. Ah finally :)

  8. Only took them five years!

    But still, I’m happy :) i was just using the browser yesterday.

    • Used it for 2 mins, seemed very fast, then it froze.

  9. Sweet I’ll check it out later :) sounds like a huge improvement :D

  10. I used the browser for the 1st time since launch yesterday, it kept crashing & running out memory on Google, yes… really.

    I might not even wait 5 years to use it again

    • Is that with or without the update?

    • Mine was doing that on google on Sunday, running out of memory and saying it had to display a blank page. I gave up. You’re saying this update hasn’t fixed this?

      • Out of memory pre-update – turn j.script off. No need now though. As mentioned, only an issue after 4.0.

      • You have to either turn java off or go to googles settings before it runs out memory and turn off ‘auto complete’ and it should be fine. But if 4.10 fixed this then it doesnt matter anyway.

    • Google started playing up with the PS3 browser a few days ago, i.e. before the update, not sure if the google icon is running some script maybe, whatever, it’s not the new browser at fault.

      • Until todays’ update I had that problem, temp fix was to disable j.script. Works fine now though, as does youtube search icon.

    • That’s been happening to me with google since firmware 4.0, i thought upgrading my hdd (which was overdue anyway) might fix it but the problem persisted afterwards. Hopefully this fixes it!

    • That’s neat philbert8, although i’m guessing you’d have to do that everytime you use google unless you have an account to save the prefs..?

    • Yep, settings will be stored in a cookie.

    • great piece of information there philbert. Thanks!

    • Ah, a cookie that’s fine …. although i don’t have 100% faith in ps3 browser cookies.. ;)

      I’ve now tested the browser for myself and it’s working quite well. I can now not only use google search, i can also click on Google news and not have to wait three mins for the hdd to stop spinning before i can browse the articles;
      The images in TSA articles now open properly in a foreground window instead of having to open each picture link in a new window.
      Pages do seem to load a bit faster.
      Scrolling a page when zoomed out seems to do a left/right shuffle of the page and isn’t a very pleasant thing to see although scrolling while zoomed in seems absolutely fine.
      While typing this, i tried to scroll using the arrows on the side of the comment box and the cursor just jumps back to the text….. i wonder if Alex can tweak something..? :p
      Last but no means least, posting of replies is now possible in the TSA forums !

    • I had google set as my homepage and it stopped working a few weeks ago (memory full issue) but since 4.10 it not only works but works better for me (drop down predictive search function never worked before). Also I noticed that Youtube displays much better now.

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