Vita Games Appear On US PSN Store, Have A Read Of The Prices

Despite decent discounts for grabbing Vita games from the Japanese PSN Store over buying them physically, it doesn’t look like the US PSN Store will be quite as generous, with prices sticking (mostly) to the 10% off figure we heard earlier.

Some games have already appeared on the Store when accessed via PS3 (the direct Vita version is still offline) which means you can buy them and then transfer them to Vita via the Content Manager, as we’ve been doing with review code for weeks.


However, the discounts aren’t that hot, and in the case of Uncharted, nonexistent.

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is $35.99, ModNation Racers: Road Trip is $26.99, Super Stardust Delta is the expected price of $9.99, Uncharted Golden Abyss has zero discount at $49.99 and WipEout 2048’s $35.99.

The truth is that whilst these are discounted slightly, you’ll be able to pick them up on physical cards for cheaper.  Whether you want the convenience of having the games all on memory card for easy access is probably going to be the deciding factor.

No word on European releases yet, we’ll keep checking.

Source: GAF.



  1. Man that Uncharted price is so OVERPRICED.

    • Yeah, they are asking a bit much…

    • Its over priced compared to general portable gaming, but Golden Abysse is just as good as most PS3 games so its priced proportionately.

      • I guess so, still unsure about it though. At least it’ll be cheaper to pick up the physical copy.

  2. Hot Shots Golf online is not functional in the US :(

  3. Fantastic. Who are Sony gonna blame now? They published all these. Sigh, why don’t they listen?

    • You’re right, but on the other hand they can’t undercut retail stores that much or those stores will feel it in their sales & will refuse to sell anymore games (remember the reactions on the PSPGo).

      Still I hope we’ll be getting discounts once the stores lower their prices.

  4. I played it from a friend who works at Best Buy and I can honestly say it’s worth the fiddy dollars.

    • That was a reply for Klvl95. Damn iPod.

  5. @MrSnap same with the UK one, waiting on a patch.

    • Ugh, really a patch?

    • Don’t think there is no need for a patch,they just need to open the servers. The release dat is after all 2 weeks away.(1 week for some usa buyers).

  6. Please please please Sony discount your Vita games by a little more than 10% as I really want the Vita to be a success. Don’t do a PSPGO on me, I got burnt once already.

    • Also please Sony tell me being a Plus member counts for something with the Vita!! Want discounts!

  7. @kivi95 the game says it needs a patch.

    • ah okey :)

    • Daily Tourney mode actually tries to connect and doesn’t mention anything about a patch. The connection just fails. I assume it’s due to servers not being available yet…

  8. That Superstardust Delta looks like it’ll be high up in the PSN(silent P) charts then, awesome looking game and underpriced anyway in my IMO!
    Who knows, Easters just around the corner, maybe there’s plans for an Easter extravaganza sale with some of those titles…doubtful though it’ll be a bit soon!

    • Just to clarify, I don’t have an IMO. Dunno why I wrote that…my bad! :P

  9. never interested in Uncharted but what hell?? if it ends up being £50 or worse then they’ve technically shot themselves in the foot.

  10. If you pick them up on the retail cards, how big are those cards? Can you add other games etc to them or are they locked with just that 1 game on them?
    I wonder if PS+ discounts and freebies will continue with Vita.

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