Vodafone’s 3G Vita Gives You WipEout 2048 for £5

Vodafone has posted its pricing information for the 3G Vita. The mobile phone operator will start selling the 3G enabled device on launch day – the 22nd of February – for £279.

The deal will include a free 4GB memory card, which you’ll need for game saves and any PSN downloads. Buying the 3G Vita from a Vodafone shop will also entitle you to a rather special deal for WipEout 2048 too.


Top up just £5 when you buy the console and you’ll receive a code to download the futuristic racer from the PSN for free. That’ll fit nicely on the free 4GB memory card and leave enough room for another game or two, as long as it’s not Uncharted.

We’re not allowed to talk about how fantastic WipEout 2048 is until the 15th of February but it’s probably okay to tell you that we think £5 is a bit of a bargain.

Source: Vodafone



  1. Smart move, and not bad price all-in.

  2. If I were going for the 3G this would be awesome; but I like how they are giving incentive to people who do.

  3. So £284 for a Vita 3G, 4GB Memory Card and a digital copy of Wipeout 2048 from Vodafone Uk. Or £264 for a Vita Wifi, 8GB Memory card and a physical copy of Wipoue 2048 from Amazon.co.uk.

    £20 more for 3G but half the memory card storage and a game you can’t sell on.

    • If you put it like that…..

      • Well I’m not making suggestions or anything. Just pointing out a few details.

        Of course a better comparison for someone who wants a 3G over the Wifi model the Vodafone deal is described above. The equivalent Amazon deal would be £314 but with an 8GB memory card instead of 4GB and a physical copy of Wipeout 2048 vs a digital download. Vodafone deal is £30 less.

      • And you have have £5 worth of credit to use on your Vodafone Vita SIM.

    • I personally don’t want Wipeout, or digital games, or a 3G Vita. But for people who don’t mind, it’s a pretty good deal I think.

      • Well it’s an ok deal. As I’ve detailed above at Amazon you can spend £30 more and get an 8GB card instead of 4GB and a physical copy of the game vs the non-re saleable digital download copy.

      • Sure, I meant from a 3G Vita point of view. I’ve seen them with nothing for £279, so to get a 4gb memory card and Wipeout for a fiver is good, even if it is digital.

  4. Is this offer only available if you buy the 3G version form Vodafone itself? What happens if you buy from say Gamestop?

    • Vodafone only deal I’m afraid

      • …as in, you have to buy it from them directly, in store.

    • I agree with you here this isn’t a fair deal as we were first told that anyone who got the 3G Vita in the UK or EU will get WipEout for free weather you got it from Vodafone or not. Now I ordered a 3G vita for £244 with a 8GB card on order, was hoping I would also get this deal like was announced, I’m gona try my luck and go in the weekend of launch and try to get a code from them if I top up the vita.

  5. I dunno, it seems pretty good for a high street phone shop, especially since you’ll need to top up anyway. Good work Vodaphone!

  6. Shame you can’t buy elsewhere and put in a voda sim to get the game. That was the impression I got from the announcement of this deal a few months back.

    Well, I was never going to buy directly from them anyway…

  7. This is the page on the UK playstation site detailing the offer – it says you get Wipeout for free when you “connect with Vodafone”. Doesn’t say anything about buying the Vita direct from Vodafone.


    This is the web page that Vodafone have just launched to detail the offer. They don’t say anything about buying the Vita direct from them either, only that you have to top up £5 and you’ll get a code sent to your Vita.


    Bizarrely it does say that “You can only buy the PlayStation Vita from Vodafone in one of our stores.” Which is clearly nonsense.

    The communication around this offer has been dreadful. By my understanding you need to buy £5 of credit with Vodafone, regardless of where you bought your 3G Vita from.

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    • welcome!
      You’re thinking along the same lines as me, actually. It’s not been stated explicitly that this offer is only available if you buy from Vodafone, and quite the opposite, in fact! So it’d be good to get a bit of clarification on this.

      • Cheers! :)

        I left Vodafone because of their dire communication (and reception where I lived) many years ago. Nice to see nothing’s changed over there!

        Saying that though, Amazon were pretty poor in communicating whether they were offering the Sony pre-order pack (blue earphones, £5 PSN game discount etc). Sony said they were, Amazon have seemingly confirmed that they aren’t.

        Maybe it’s Sony who are the problem…

      • Unboxing vid from Vodafone, detailing the offer as well. Think it’s pretty clear now that you don’t need to buy the 3G Vita from Vodafone to get Wipeout.


      • Oh, good job! Thanks for this. Might have to keep an eye on 3G prices now…

  8. I’m surprised it’s a low as £5 but not bad at all.

  9. Not bad at all. I wont be able to get a Vita for a while so hopefully this offer will still be on when i get it. May have to consider getting a 3G vita now instead of wifi.

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