Batman: Arkham City Shipped 6 Million Copies

Time Warner’s 2011 financial statement has revealed that Batman: Arkham City shipped 6 million units in 2011. The amount of copies that Batman: Arkham City sold by the year’s end have not been released. Arkham City’s first week sales were almost double those of its predecessor, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and just before the end of 2011 sales for Arkham City were just below the lifetime sales of Arkham Asylum.

If you still haven’t picked up Batman: Arkham City check out Peter’s review and see why he gave it a 10/10.

Source: Joystiq/ Tip by TheLoneSteven



  1. I didn’t buy it when it came out.
    I decided to wait untill they release a GOTY edtion that includes the 10% of the game they lock of so the off-line players won’t be able to experience the full game.

    I’m an online player my self, But I feel that If I dont boycott this shit (even if I’m the only one who do it), I might as well give up on gaming.

  2. i guess this means that the, rip content out to punish users in a preowned jihad, scheme will be deemed a success.

    hell, ea already have an online pass for their offline, single player rpg.

    mind you, i think i got it free because they messed up on the store.
    hey, an scee screw up that benefits the user.

    • I know why they gave the content in digital form. But digital contant has some major flaws.
      1. You must be connectet to PSN to get it. Casual off-line players will miss 10% of the game.
      2. It has no collection value. You might be buying the game for collection reasons, but you can’t touch, put on a shelf, or really own the digital content. Your ownership of it depends exclusivelly on the service you bough it and the health of your hard disk. If both of them stop working for X, Y or Z reason, then you’ll loose the content you’ve actually boght, thus loosing access to 10% of the game forever.
      3. I really enjoy lending the games I really like to friends, so I can later ask their oppinion about it, without having them buy it. It’s one of the ways I feel proud for building this massive collection.
      I can’t lend them this!

      So that’s why now I’m waiting naturally for a complete edition. Even if that content is free, if It’s not on the disk, I can’t feel like owning it.

      • The lending point is a really important one that I don’t think the games industry appreciates as it is difficult to quantify through figures, statistics and graphs.

        I’ve lent Batman AA and Dead Space to friends who were otherwise disinterested who have since gone out and bought copies of there own due to the highly replayable nature of those titles. With Dead Space all of us subsequently “day one’d” it’s sequel.

        If it hadn’t been for a friend insisting on me giving Alan Wake a better chance than the 30 minutes I played/watched at his house and lending it to me, I wouldn’t have bought a copy myself or be setting aside cash in eager anticipation of the sequel. This is undoubtedly beneficial to the dev/publisher but very difficult for marketing types to measure.

        I kinda think it’s like a lot of modern society in that if it can’t be represented on an x,y axis or with cold hard numbers its value goes largely unnappreciated.

        Also, I try to restrict my games library to around 10-15 games, I don’t want a living room stuffed full of game boxes. I also want to avoid the situation that saw me with 100+ PSone games and neither the inclination nor motivation to pick one to play – I effectively overdosed on PSone. As a result I often own multiple copies of any (decent) given title over a long time scale as it moves in and out of my collection dependent on my gaming whims. I’ve just bought my 5th copy (3rd brand new) copy of Dead Space in order that the GF may experience it and of the 4 copies of Batman AA I owned 2 were brand new.

        Never gonna buy Batman AC though due to the attitude and actions of WB/Rocksteady with regard this title and their customers, nor have any of my RL friends. I know it’s far from a cross section and that, relatively speaking that’s small fry, but given that we’re all passionate gamers of 20 odd years, it’s an interesting alienation.

  3. Can i come off the Steven step for sending this in? My arse is starting to get a bit sore now.

    I wonder if they have managed to sell 6million? If so then that is impressive. :)

    • They’re shipped out 6 milllions copies of the game to be sold, but it doesn’t mean all 6 million copies were sold.

  4. Got it preowned as wasn’t in a position to play it. Still shelved as mgshd has consumed me.

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