First UK PS Vita Game Appears That Requires The 3G Model

[videoyoutube]First up, Wario Ware-a-like Frobisher Says (which I’ve been playing for a while now and can happily recommend) is free. 

So, well, no recommendation needed.  Just get it, it’s really quite funny and introduces all the Vita’s features in one handy little minigame package.


So.  Good.

Secondly, though, the EU Blog has just announced [email protected], which is a GPS-powered tagging / social experiment that’ll appear in May of this year, a few months after the Vita launches. 

However, whilst it looks like it might be quite cool, it requires GPS, making this the first Western game (to my knowledge) that won’t work on a Wi-fi only Vita.

Not sure whether that’ll sway your buying options at all.  Remember that you can bag WipEout by handing over a fiver to Vodafone if that makes any difference.



  1. [email protected] looks fun, but I’m having WiFi only. Hope there won’t be many 3G only games for the Vita.
    And I’m really looking forwad to Frobisher Says.

  2. When developing a game, devs will surely target the largest install-base, which means if you target the WiFi version your game will work on all Vitas, other than for tech demos like this I really can’t see dev making a game that will only work on 3G models, surely?

    • Well, games are made by people sat at a desk on a computer all day in an office type environment; so I wouldn’t expect much common sense from them.

      • By your logic, you seem to be sitting at a desk infront of a computer all day long in an office type environment because clearly your post lacks common sense. But then I’d also be affected by what you described, which is not true.
        Your theory is slightly (read: very much) flawed.

      • My god this comment is remarkably dumb. Who writes shit like this? I mean, who thinks like this? Then actually writes it and shares it with the world? “look world, I’m fucking thick”.

    • If the survey suggesting that about 60% of Japanese PS Vita’s bought are the 3G model – apparently bought mainly for GPS’ inclusion – is correct then there could be a fairly big chunk of the user base interested in GPS ‘games’.

      I’d better get busy writing an AR-enhanced geo-caching app for the PS Vita. :-)

      • that sounds good, instead of getting santana cd’s when you find the cache you can get some quality digital rewards.

  3. Glad i went with a 3G Vita.

    Also, i was quite prepared to pay for Frobisher. Free is fine by me

  4. To be honest this looks like a gimmick, or at least something that doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I was worried for a moment that I wasn’t going to be able to play Vita’s version of Dead Space or Uncharted, or something. Panic over, Wi-Fi is all I need.

    • Yeah, this wouldn’t make me want a 3G Vita at all. If I end up with a Vita I’ll probably play it at home 99% of the time so I couldn’t care less about stuff like this.

      • Well I can imagine I’d find [email protected] interesting for about 10 minutes. Why would I want my Vita glued to my hand, just so I could wave it around various locations that are already covered in graffiti, draining precious battery life, to see if someone, who I probably don’t know, has written their name somewhere shit like on the side of a station wall? Not for me, thanks.

      • I would think [email protected] would be far more useful on iOS or Android, where its more accessible, and therefore more tags to view.

      • Definitely. But then again, it would get old real fast.

  5. im still in mixed minds, so far the 3G vita hasn’t shown me much. tag looks cool BUT im pretty sure i could live without it.

  6. That tag thing is infinitely amazing (if you travel to places people actually gonna have Vitas at). Gonna consider.

    • It kind of reminds me of Demon’s Souls thing, if you’re familiar.

      • Yep, loved the system in place on Demon’s Soul’s.

  7. Frobisher says, squash the Toff.

  8. This game itself doesn’t appeal to me, but this is exactly the reason I pre-ordered a 3G model. As I’ve said before, better to have and not need, than need and not have.

    • Same, I thought that there will be games etc. that will require GPS but wasn’t expecting any so soon.

  9. Wonder if this was a ploy by Sony to get more folk to buy the 3G version.

  10. Like many who have a Wifi version on pre-order. If this starts becoming the norm and games I want start appearing as 3g only then i’ll get rid of the system. I won’t be upgrading to 3G. I have zero use for 3G as my vita will be staying indoors.

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