Get Early Mass Effect 3 Demo Access Through Facebook

Microsoft’s community team has been in touch with an excited email asking us to let you know about their latest Facebook promotion. It gives early access to the Mass Effect 3 demo to those lucky enough to randomly win. Full public access to the demo is available, we believe, on Tuesday but for those of you who can’t wait, this is as good a chance as any.

There are three different links to hit for the App, depending on whether you’re in the UK, France or Germany and you’ll need a Facebook account to get at it. If you do get in, let us know if it really is “better with Kinect” as they were urging Twitter users to proclaim in an attempt to win codes. We suspect that it’s possibly not.


Oh, and they also gave us some codes to give away. I’ll leave one here, with a suitably sci-fi teaser, and I’ll go and post a couple on our Twitter account too. Enjoy!

P?743-QDG67-DF4DT-73XRG-CF2DZ – ?= The name of a being from various Star Trek TV series, played by the actor John de Lancie.



  1. I played the demo for ME2 as i had never played a ME game before but i’m happy to wait for the full ME3 game now so i can continue were i left off. Playing a demo at this stage wouldn’t ‘fit in’ with my ME experience, for the same reason i won’t replay ME2 until after i’ve completed ME3.
    That doesn’t mean i’m not slightly envious of those of you playing the ME3 demo now.. :)

  2. I wish publishers would stop using Facebook for this kind of promotion.

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