A Splatter Of Lollipop Chainsaw Screenshots

I want to love Lollipop Chainsaw so much, it has cheerleaders, swearing, zombies, chainsaws and more camp than a Julian Clary DVD commentary for Carry On Camping.


However, this being a game from the land of the rising sun which features a schoolgirl, can you guess what camera angle features a number of times in the game? Yes, it’s the upskirt shot, plenty of screens featuring heroine Juliet’s small pink panties. 

The screen of  our heroine vaulting is particularly unnecessary, they might as well have put a massive caption near her ladygarden with ‘Phwoar! Panties!” on it because that’s the only point of the screenshot. 

More of the cheeky zombie action, less of the upskirt action please. It’s a bit tiresome and not even slightly erotic.

Source: Lollipop Chainsaw



  1. Most interested in picture 3. I learnt to drive a tractor before a car, a Massey Ferguson, just like that beauty.

  2. Careful with that love or you’ll leave a nasty gash.

  3. I must point out that she isn’t wearing the most appropriate clothing for killing hordes of the undead. She’ll never get the blood out of those white socks.

    • Agreed, but if you want to sell it to lots of sexually frustrated teenagers then it’s a winner!

      • I wasn’t complaining, I’m still planning on playing it, just wanted to point out that when the zombie apocalypse occurs people should put some thought in to their outfits. At least she has training shoes on…

    • lol, nothing a bit Vanish in the wash won’t sort out!

      • Is ending a zombie apocalypse that easy is it?

        Vanish should add that to their advertisements. :)

  4. Yes the game has a typical perverse vibe to it but I still have strong hopes for the game play as a whole. I basically said the same about Bayonetta before that came out and now its one of my top10 games ever :)

  5. Father Tuffcub would have a field day if he was still around and saw this.

    If they are resorting to using sex as a way to advertise it then it’s not a good sign as 90% of the time, the actual product is crap. :-/

    I wonder if whoever has to review it will get some free tissues with the review copy? ;))
    Also, *insert mandatory wanting her to lick “lollipop” joke here*.

  6. was that a flying viking longship?
    there’s clearly more than just the zombie apocalypse going on.

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