Mass Effect 3 Goes Gold

The closing chapter in Commander Shepard’s epic sci-fi trilogy is finally going to press. BioWare Executive Producer, Casey Hudson, made the announcement earlier today via Twitter:

After an awesome effort by our team, I’m proud to announce#MassEffect3 is officially GOLD! Many surprises await you – this week and beyond.

Mass Effect 3 will be launching on March 9th across EU territories. Boasting better visuals and a plot that is much more close to home, the third instalment is also the first to feature online multiplayer.



  1. great, looking forward to getting stuck in to this as I loved ME2

  2. Playing ME2 right now, cannot wait for this.

  3. To say I’m excited for this is a bloody understatement. Only look forward to games this much if it’s a Total War game, usually.
    Hurrrryyyyy upppppppp!

  4. Fingers crossed the shoe-horned Kinect/Co-op garbage doesn’t spoil what should be an excellent adventure game (can’t really call it an RPG these days…)

    • So long as the verbal commands thing (that’s the only bit I know of) works fine I’ll prefer that to the “wheel-of-go-do-this” as I prefer not to have to pause games where possible as I find the break in action detracts from the suspension of disbelief (I loved End War for this). Quite why it wasn’t possible to just do this with mics though is anyones guess – oh yeah – they wanna sell more kinects.

      • Just bind to keys and no pauses.

      • ps3 for me bro, is that still an option? if so I shame facedly should have rtfm

  5. I wonder if the Staff will be fighting over who gets to review ME3?

    Anyway, i’m going to wait a while to see if it turns out to be good or ends up as another DA2. *shudders*

    I suspect we will see an increase of advertising over the next few weeks.

    • Reviewing games often requires a change in playstyle and time restraints too. No doubt a lot of the staff here want to play it in the same way you everyday punters would.

    • What was so bad about DA2?

      Not as good as Origins, but it doesn’t deserve all the crap it gets. It certainly wasn’t a bad game, just not great.

  6. It seems I’m the only one who thinks the coop could end up being pretty good.

    This is the main release of 2012 for me, already thinking its probably goty.

    • No you aint mate, I’m really looking forward to it too bro :)

    • Nope. I think anything you can do is normally more fun when done with another person (‘cept mebbe poopin’). GOTY? Not sure. Max Payne is looking swanky.

      • I dunno Cure, coprophiliacs would probably disagree with you on that.

      • I’m sure they would. But I wouldn’t ask any of them for advice on quality multiplayer gaming :P

      • lol :D Forgot to say – Max Payne really is looking pretty damned fine, been watching that tech video about the animations and it’s super impressive :D Been playing the original too in anticipation.

  7. Champing. At. The. Bit.

  8. I’m really looking forward to this too, but I’ll reserve judgement on the multiplayer side of it until I get to play it.

  9. I got one of the demo codes off Facebook for this. All I can say is it was amazing. March 9th can’t come fast enough. Already got my Collectors Edition pre-ordered.

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