PlayStation Vita Review Round Up (PS Vita)

[drop2]The PlayStation Vita review embargo has just lifted. The embargo covered all of the first party Sony games and lifted for all of them at the same time.

So, rather than publish them all at once, we thought we’d space them out a little bit over the course of the afternoon and early evening.

We’ve already published our 9/10 Uncharted: Golden Abyss review, from the Japanese import and there are plenty of editorial pieces and hands-on impressions which can all be found via our shiny, centralised hub page for PS Vita.


While you’re waiting for full review texts to go live, we thought we’d give you a little teaser — and show you the score — for everything we’ve got coming up today.

WipEout 2048 Review – Scheduled for 14:15

Concrete. Grass. Spectators. This is New York, barely a few decades away, its skyscrapers encircled by floating neon and makeshift paths through the city, the juxtaposition jarring and yet somehow rather beautiful. The crafts, too, technology barely evolved from present-day Formula 1 save for the anti-gravity propulsion that contributes to the whirring hums and muffled screams of the fledgling, embryonic engines.


Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom Report – Scheduled for 15:00

In terms of content, the Vita version isn’t getting a stripped down version of UMvC3. The full roster is there, along with the Arcade mode, Mission mode and training modes. There’s a wealth of content to unlock too, such as character endings and costumes (which can be sent to people via Near).

Vita version not scored, but our full console review scored 8/10.

ModNation Racers Review – Scheduled for 16:00

A launch title that probably didn’t need to be one, a checkbox marked ‘Create’ on a line-up that might have been better suited to Sackboy. ModNation’s a decent enough game, but it’s almost entirely without charm and feels like it’s just been pushed out the door in order to stick to a release date that should have been shifted back. If you liked the PS3 version then expect the same (and it’s definitely better than the PSP title) but a lack of online play and some rough edges mean that this might ultimately disappoint.


Reality Fighters Review – Scheduled for 17:00

It’s unfortunate that the weakest part of this package is the actual gameplay. It’s full of stock fighting game tropes that will be familiar but it doesn’t feel as tightly tuned as the greats of the genre and there are several common frustrations. The game is very easy, to a point, but there were occasions when I found myself getting beaten thanks to the animation my fighter took getting to his feet and the unblockable attacks rained down during that time. It wasn’t a case of being caught by a combo either, just that you can’t fight back or defend yourself while standing up at the edge of the arena.


Little Deviants Review – Scheduled for 18:00

Initially it seems surprising that Sony has gone with a mini-game compilation as a Vita launch title, seeing as how the big push is on how the hand-held can provide a home console experience. However, Little Deviants ends up feeling like a statement of intent from Bigbig, showing to everyone just how versatile the Vita can be when it comes to controlling a game.


Everybody’s Golf Review – Scheduled for 19:00

The hidden depth of the Everybody’s Golf series is here in all of its glory. Those cartoonish stylings belie the surprisingly tactical approach that is often needed for each hole and each course. For example, some holes require you to play around a tall hazard, be it a tree, a windmill or a motel sign. Later in the game, once you’ve unlocked different clubs, balls and strokes, you might be able to simply play over those previously troublesome obstacles, or spin the ball around them.




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  2. wow lot of reviews coming. Personally looking forward to reading about little deviants.


    I’m looking forward to them!
    Sad to see the line statement of intent from BigBig considering what happened though. Great developer, cut down too early.

  4. Great article.

  5. Is there any FIFA review? Its just I cant find a straight answer to what modes there will and wont be.

    • ASAP. Believe me, we’re full on with our requests to EA for it! I think it’s in the post right now :)

      • Cheers man! No rush I just want to get my disappointment out the way now ;)

  6. I wonder if one of you reviewers that own a Vita could answer a question I have about it? Can you still party chat while remotely playing your PS3 on the Vita?

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