Rumour: Nathan Fillion Is Nathan Drake

Salt shakers on standby as Gaming Squid are reporting that fan choice Nathan Fillion will be Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie

We got some more information that Gerrard Butler is not the hero of the Movie it is Nathan Fillion. Nathan Fillion has the look of Nathan Drake and moreover, his voice also matches with the Nathan Drake.

Gaming Squid seem to be a new site based in Pakistan so whilst I’m sure they are a lovely bunch of folks it remains to be seen if they have decent sources for this rumour.


I have tweeted Nathan and asked him point blank if the rumour is true, you never know…

Source: Gaming Squid (Thanks to Brendan for the heads up)



  1. Personally, I call horseshit on this, as much as I REALLY want this to be true, I think it’s just the case of a site trying to get free advertisement by starting rumours which aren’t true. It really doesn’t seem a credible story, surely a bigger and more established site would have known first?
    However, I’ll be very happy if it is true!

  2. I think anyone that isn’t David Boreanaz is wrong.
    I love Fillion and even think Nolan North probably deserves a shot at being on-screen after all of his stellar voice work but Boreanaz /is/ Nate Drake. The only exception to that might be if they set the movie before the games, in which case he might be a little too old now.

    • Have you seen Boreanz recently? He has not aged well.

      • Id rather have Eddie cibrian or Nolan north. Watching Nolan north in pretty little liars does mess with my head though as all I can think is that it’s Drake

      • Boreanz is awesome in Bones, but I don’t think I could ever see him as Nathan Drake…

      • Angel might be able to leap around like Drake, but there’s no way Booth could.

      • I’d go for Nolan North as well due to him actually being Drake (voice-wise anyway). Any other voice for me wouldn’t make it feel like it’s Uncharted

      • Boreanaz?! Really? Wow, I can’t see it at all.

      • Nathan Fillion also put on some weight recently and is looking quite old. I still love him though.
        Joe Flanigan (stargate atlantis) is still the one I find to be more suitable to play Drake in any movie.

    • Boreanaz as Nate? Right.

      Time for your shot, CB.

  3. Nathan Fillion? Never heard of him.

    I didn’t know they were still making this (bound to be crap, like every other film of a game) movie.

    • Look up the series Firefly, its a very easy going and charming blend of scifi and western, of which Fillian is one of the stars.

      • I agree, but don’t just look up Firefly, watch it. It’s brilliant and so is Fillion – and the entire cast pretty much.

    • Just started watching Firefly for the first time last night and yes he is perfect for the role

  4. as much as i like Fillion, he does get a bit old for this kind of thing

    • Absolutely. It’s just too late, I’m afraid.
      And, although charming, he’s actually not handsome enough (according to the GF).

  5. Be very surprised if a relative unknown carries the lead in a $200m movie, the reality of studios and their backers forking out that kind of money up front is that a well known name markets the movie for them, eg. Gyllenhaal in PoP

    • maybe not after the fans turned on Wahlberg. Chances are they don’t want to piss of the core audience twice

  6. Was hoping for Bradley Cooper, reckon he’d make a far better Drake than Fillion

  7. As a fan of Fillion, I’d much rather have him play Nate than Wahlberg. But I’d also rather not have a film at all.

    In regards to his age, I’m thinking the film could be set after the games.

  8. Gerrad Butler was going to play Nathan Drake. If i remeber correctly, he was king leonnidas(or however you spell that name) and wouldn’t excalty be right for the role of Drake as i don’t recall Drake having massive muscles.

    I’ve not heard of Fillion so i’m hoping he will do a fantastic job. Although, a part of me wishes they would just do a computer animated film and have the original voice actors, voice their characters and bring in some new characters.

  9. If they dont use North because he hasnt a big name acotr then its gotta be Boreanaz or Fillion, also Booth hates clowns and so does Drake :D

  10. Google Dylan McDermott. He would have been a perfect choice, alas hes probably too old now.

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