Super Stardust Delta’s Day One DLC

We heard this morning that Super Stardust Delta, the Vita version of one of the PSN’s best twin stick shooter would be cheap. What we didn’t know was that it would launch with day one DLC that includes four game modes. So it’s cheap but a much lesser game than we had been assuming.

The DLC, entitled “The Blast Pack” includes Endless, Bomber, Impact and Twin Gun modes and will be priced at $8 in the US so we assume around £5 in the UK. It will also be available with the other half of the game as a bundle entitled the “Interstellar Pack”. That’s priced at $14.99 so we would assume it’ll be a touch over £10 in the UK.


Seems a little bit sneaky to us, and certainly dampens the good news about download pricing we heard this morning. What do you guys think?

Source: US PS Blog



  1. I have a bad feeling loads these “cheap” games will adopt this tactic.

  2. I suppose it’s still a cheap game, if it gives me as much joy as the PS3/PSP ones did then it’ll be worth that much to me.

  3. You can get it with the DLC for £10ish in dollars, so it’s not that bad, it’s all down to how much content there is. IGN gave the game 9.5/10 without DLC.

  4. So the same as the PS3 version then?
    Although that DLC didn’t come out Day 1, we’re only getting the equal of the PS3 version sans DLC when getting the Vita version sans DLC?

    I might pick this game up down the line, but not now. Not because of the DLC, but SSHD never really got much playtime from me, and to be frank, the other games in the launch line-up just seem better,

    • That’s what I was thinking. Some people might be perfectly happy with the base game and prefer not to fork out for extra modes that they won’t play.

  5. *Sigh* This is why I gave the Vita a miss. I can see all upcoming consoles opting for this shitty tactic.

    • And so say all of me.

      Was actually beginning to come around to the Vita due to several of the games looking to be up my street. This though has put me right off, can’t be arsed at all with this type of thing and if (as I suspect you are) you’re right about this being the model favoured increasingly with upcoming consoles, I’ll fall out of love with gaming pretty darned quickly.

  6. I think the only really dodgy issue is that US buyers didn’t know about this beforehand, so I’d imagine a few bought it when the PSN Store went live last week and now they’ll need to buy the DLC too rather than the pack.

    • Agreed, i’d be fairly annoyed had I d/l’d it.

  7. When will the TSA review for this be up?

  8. i miss the days when you could buy whole games.

  9. People are moaning that an add on pack is extra? Sorry but few minutes ago people were amazed that the game could be nearer a £5. That’s with additional modes as well as the main mode.

    For what your getting, complaining seems a childish to me. It’s still a good package.

    • I like to be childish. This blows goats, day one DLC is underhand.

      • Why is it underhand? What makes the difference with day one or day 79?

      • For me at least, the difference is that this content was ready in time for the titles launch, but rather than include it in the full release, it is deliberately witheld in order to gouge more money out of the consumer. I’m with bert on this. That’s all I’ll say on it though as this is a well trodden arguement on both sides and I’m not getting into it again. That’s not meant dismissively or agressively and I respect your opinion and right to disagree mate :)

      • But would you have paid £10 for the game? It’s worth that much in my eyes.

        I don’t think a mega low point to get people interested is a bad thing. For those if us wanting the full experience we can and for a good price overall.

      • The price wasn’t really the issue, but given that I didn’t know it’d been out a while in Japan already – sans this content, that changes things a bit, so I’m happy to cede to your logic there bro

        The PS3 version must have worked out at around 20p an hour for me given its price and my play time. So yeah, I’ll give them that in this case :)

  10. Don’t forget that this game have been in Japan for a while so they have had loads of time making this DLC after the game was finished.

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