Mecho Wars Winners

Last week we ran a small competition with five codes for Mecho Wars up for grabs. Thirty eight of you entered so we have chosen three winners with the aid of and two winners who we thought were the funniest of the bunch.

The three winners chosen by were:

  • Rabid-Coot with – That (Kevin) Butler Smile
  • KeRaSh with – Touched By Stranger
  • ed_the_penguin with – Twisted BattleShips

The two winners chosen by us were:

  • BrendanCalls with – Tell Brendan (he’s been) Successful
  • psychobudgie with – The Bonk Sausage

Congratulations, the codes have been emailed out to you. There were a few others that we also liked but Steven’s were a bit too NSFW!



  1. Any of you welsh? eh?….

    • I dont believe they are… :/

  2. I can’t even rember what my enteries were. But you didn’t say that it had to be safe for work. ;) Anyway, congrats to the winners.

  3. It’s Total BullShit I didn’t win a code! :)

  4. Mine was simple and honest. TuBerculosis Sucks.

  5. This Be Sweet!

  6. Woah, I won something… Tuesday Be Sweet!

  7. Brendan’s one is a worthy winner, for the sheer cheek of it alone. ^_^

  8. I was taken by surprise when I saw that I had won thanks brilliant site.

  9. Congrats to all the winners…. erm…I’m Teeling Berribly Sorry i didn’t enter.. :/

  10. Congratulations are in order for the winners.

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