Armored Core V Trailer

Armored Core V will be slipping in to drives of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 23rd in Europe.

Then it will be launching robot death hell, multiplayer missile mayhem and some very dirty dubstep.

In fact it’s so butch and manly that just watching the trailer below willl make four extra hairs grow on your chest. FACT.

Source: YouTube


  1. S invited out the other day by the GF and climbed into my mobile suit, put a volley of missiles into the front wall, stamped in and sat down grinning. Imagine my dissappointment when I realised it was spelt MECCA bingo.

  2. Make me even more excited for ACV…

  3. Damn this trailer is good…

  4. i can always tell a piece written by Tuffcub from the tagline. ^_^

    anyway, cool trailer, at least visually, i had to mute the music, really not my thing.
    but the game looks interesting, and i’ve enjoyed the other Armoured Core games i’ve played.

    i know, that’s not how they spell it, but in england we put a U in it.

    also i’m blaming you TC if this does grow hairs on my chest.

  5. I agree about the music Hazelam, but i always listen to the music of a demo as it breaths life into the video. But from the last trailer that came out about this I’ve been very disappointed. But we’ll see. I probably won’t be getting it at launch as i won’t have the money, but i’ll try. I’m one of those people that if i don’t get a game at launch i probably won’t get it at all.

  6. For me the music was savage! though i have only gotten into dubstep within the past month, so im giving the genre alot love at the moment and i reckon this song will be slipping into my “wub wub wub” playlist! :)

  7. Online mode, nice :-)

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