Cheap PC Gaming: Eufloria

Eufloria is a game set in space in which you capture planets with seedlings. It’s a real time space strategy game that doesn’t look like it’s set in space at all, due to its flora-focused visual style and mechanics. Yes, flora, meaning plants. To recap: A real time space strategy game with both gameplay and aesthetics inspired by plants and growth. Glad I could make that clear for you.

[drop]Alright, I’ll expand. In Eufloria, your aim is generally to capture all the asteroids. You do this by sending seedlings (essentially spaceships) to the asteroid, then creating a plant when they get there. Planting this dyson plant will cost 10 seedlings, but it will also slowly create more seedlings and, as it gets older, it will grow and the rate at which it produces seedlings will increase.

These seedlings are also your military. Not long into the campaign, you’ll encounter mysterious grey seedlings who, as you might expect, are hostile towards you and your pretty colours. Naturally, the only course of action is to destroy the newcomers and take their asteroids by lowering the asteroid’s energy to zero (consuming seedlings in the process). The storyline has you venturing out of the safe territory the opening levels are set in (tutorials, essentially) and into the wilds of space as you try to uncover where the colourless seedlings are coming from.

The game adds more mechanics into the fray, such as a defensive plant that is built in the same way the dyson plant is, but the gameplay is, on the surface, pretty simple. The phrase ‘strength in numbers’ is a philosophy I stuck by a lot, but the battles do have a little more depth to them. Seedlings have one of three traits; energy, strength or speed. As you might expect, strength means the seedling is harder to kill and speed means it can travel between asteroids faster. Energy means it will do more damage to an enemy asteroid’s energy, therefore capturing the asteroid more quickly.

So there is more depth than is immediately apparent. Speedy seedlings are better suited to quickly reacting to your own asteroid being under attack than an energy or strength seedling, for example, whereas the strength variety is best used for attacking an asteroid to defeat all the hostiles, perhaps making way for your energy seedlings to capture it in their wake.

[drop2]Eufloria is beautiful. It is a gorgeous in a way few bigger games are able to claim – it has an aesthetic that fits perfectly parallel to the gameplay and is pulled off flawlessly. Everything is made of smooth, gentle curves and beautiful, vibrant colours. Again, it’s simple, but in a delightful, unique way that makes every screenshot look like a carefully constructed piece of modern art that I want to use as my desktop wallpaper.

And one of the most impressive things is perhaps the level of zoom. From being zoomed out as far as you can so you can see all the asteroids in the level, you can zoom in until the tiny seedlings take up large chunks of screen. Watching a swarm of seedlings descend upon a planet and zooming in to watch as they circle and swirl in battle is an oddly attractive sight. That almost seems like an odd thing to say about things killing each other, but it’s just so pretty.

Eufloria is £8.99 from Steam.


  1. Grabbed this a while ago as part of the humble bundle or another indie bundle, can’t remember. It’s one of my most played PC games

  2. This looks amazing. I’d love to play this on my PS3 or Android Tablet.

    • It is on the PSN/SEN store, but personally I prefer it on PC. Get it on PS3 then get it in the next Steam sale, it only cost me $4 in the last Christmas sale.

      • Was just about to say, isn’t it out on PS3? I enjoyed the PS3 demo!

      • Sweet! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I liked the demo so bought this on PSN when it was on sale last month? I think it was down to £3.50 or something. Haven’t had time to go back and play it properly though (haven’t had much gaming time lately at all).

  4. I really love this, one of my most played Steam games. Beautiful, fun and great at helping me calm down and unwind.

  5. my other half got this on the PSN, just after Christmas. His been stuck to it ever since, he loves it. Not my cup of tea but he says its fantastic and he loves a challenge

  6. lovely game, a thorough pleasure and breath of fresh air. great antidote to a crappy day at work.

  7. Love this on PS3!

  8. Its also available on iPad for £2.99

  9. it’s a great game from what i’ve played of it.

    but underneath the chillout music and simple visuals and eco vibe, it’s actually a pretty militaristic game when you think about it.

    you basically control an aggressive expansionist empire out to conquer the known universe by attacking and wiping out any culture that isn’t your own and annexing their territory.

    it does hide it well though. ^_^
    and i’d much rather be playing this than any COD game.

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