More Far Cry 3 Details Emerge

Expect to see a barrage of Far Cry 3 details tomorrow at 5pm when the embargo lifts. Rather conveniently, though, they hand out the Thursday edition of the Shortlist freemium magazine on Wednesday nights in London which has a few details on the game.

The trailer which leaked earlier today shows the hero, Jason Brody, getting trapped on a tropical island filled with nasty pirate types.  Shortlist have seen twenty minutes of gameplay which finds Brody making an assault on a shipwrecked pirate boat to switch off a radio jammer.


From there he then takes a trip to visit the island’s cliff top doctor who seems to be rather fond of drugs. The kind of drugs that make your eyes go squiffy, makes you want to hug people and eat your own body weight in Doritos.

The Doc asks Brody to find some rare mushrooms from an underwater cave for one his ‘special’ recipes.

Shortlist says the game is still an open world shooter full of side quests and there will be a wealth of vehicles to use.

They also say Brody is rather handy with a knife and the game is scheduled for ‘Late 2012’.

A couple of screenshots are printed in the mag, one which shows a house in the lush jungle and the other seems to be the inside of the pirate ship. One thing I have noticed from the pictures is that Brody is sporting a rather huge watch that looks like it could act as a compass or navigation system.

That’s your lot for tonight, more tomorrow!

Source: Shortlist Magazine



  1. Huge watch makes sense as I think they had that in Farcry 2(?)

    Games looks and sounds great.

  2. Think most of this was in Edge anyway. Sounds great though.

  3. Release Date is September 7th OFFICIALLY :)

  4. Loved the previous two Far Crys[/Cries?], looking forward to this!

    • Pretty sure its Crys’ :P

      • Nope, it would just be “crys” with no apostrophe.

      • Fair enough I havent been at school this week let me off ;)

      • You sure it’s not Far Crysis?

  5. Very interesting indeed. makes me want to go and Far Cry 2 again now…

    • Good thing it’s reduced/free on the psn store if you don’t already own it :-)

      • Got it on disc from a few years back :) @Manor Maybe Ill just keep to the map editor then…

    • Ooh, the shooting hasn’t aged well.. I loved it the first time around, but having tried it since. Oh dear.

  6. This is pretty much on top of my list of games to buy, simply because it’s FarCry, and that trailer earlier. Apart from SSX that is… assuming it’s any good. Any word on if TSA will be doing a review of that btw?

  7. My next purchase. Looking forward to this so much.
    Loved fc2 despite its flaws, mp was alot of fun & map editor a blast too. Hope map tools incl in this installment.

    • After Journey that is. Shame on me for forgetting.

  8. Please be better than the repetitive far cry 2.

    Drive, get ambushed, car breaks down, fix it, drive, get ambushed and repeat.

    • I’m with you on that one. I also couldn’t stand the wooden voice acting! It didn’t help I’d probably been playing Uncharted beforehand and could only help compare it to that.

    • Yeah, that was the story of my FC2 life too. Really depressing.

      Hopefully Ubisoft have listened to fans on that issue

  9. Hey, There are some more images on Far Cry 3 by the way. I will List all the new pics in links below :)

    All of these pictures are real and the source of these 3 are from IGN.

    • You can also find these if you open your PS3 browser and click on the Farcry link on the PSN homepage.

      • I don’t play PS3 so I didn’t know that ;)

  10. Big watch? Sounds like Goldeneye…

    • funnily enough i thought the same thing…o.0

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