PSP Comic Download Service Coming To An End

It has been announced that the PSP’s comic download service will be stopping in September. In addition, new content will not be added after March 15th. Those wishing to back up their comic collection should do it via the Media Go program.

I never really enjoyed reading comics on the PSP. For me the interface never felt good enough, and the screen was too small. I wonder if perhaps a Vita application is in the works.

Source: Andriasang 



  1. Ahhh it wasn’t that bad! I liked it as it provided reasonably cheap comics for me to read (still do).

  2. It never got to Norway. To bad.

  3. actually they stopped adding new content up sometime last year.

    i guess that talk about “new platforms” was the usual sony guff.

    and i guess this means if you lose the comics you have downloaded, say a computer crash, you won’t be able to redownload them?

    digital downloads everyone.

    if digital’s the future, give me the past.

    seriously, i’m starting to despise download only content, or maybe it’s just sony i despise.
    it’s probably just downloadable content from sony.

    i mean, i’m insanely happy with my minecraft download, never regretted buying that for a second, not something i could ever say about anything i bought of sony’s store.
    even when i did get what i paid for.

    • this reminds me though, i’ll have to try the comic reader with the tv out, see how it looks.
      i’d use the component, but i’ve got my wii and ps2 hooked up to that, and with my tv being mounted on the wall it’s kinda hard to change the cables.

    • I think digital is the future, but relying on closed, DRM-locked services like this is dangerous, as this closure exhibits in a way :3

  4. Really liked the PSP comics store shame it never came to more platforms.

  5. So it’s not coming back to new devices? Thieves.

  6. I never really looked at it but if they buy manga’s on there for the Vita I would buy a truckload!

  7. you know, after this, even if they do launch a comic store for the vita i wouldn’t buy from it once i got one.

    once bitten and all that.

    why get into a series if they might just abandon the store one day and leave me hanging?

    • I agree. If they ever bring the video store to Ireland, which seems unlikely at this stage, I’ll only be interested in the rentals. Just don’t trust them for anything, but games. And even then………..

  8. I use comixology anyway, pretty much the standard for digital comics… Although their sale last weekend to coincide with the darkness 2 launch has cost me.

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