The Last Story Pre-Launch Trailer

Time to dust off the Wii as it’s almost time for The Last Story, a game that has been created by original Final Fantasy boffin, Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Obviously he’s quite fond of naming games around a certain theme.


The title is out on February 24 in the UK, check out the trailer below.

Source: YouTube



  1. He’s obviously still haunted by the impreciseness of the childhood favorite “never ending story”

  2. What game will he make next? The certain end?

  3. I hope this comes to PS3 or Vita eventually. Along with Xenoblade Chronicles.

  4. Looks excellent. Hopefully it doesn’t do a Xenoblade and become like gold dust after release day. I really want to get a copy, just I can’t get it right away :(

    • I thought you pre ordered it?

      • I did then I had to re-analyse my funds :( Seriously, releasing Mass Effect 3, Twisted Metal, Last Story and Metal Gear Snake Eater all around the same time period is just stupid lol.

  5. Final, Fantasy.
    Last, Story.
    HMMM. o_O

    anyway, it looks cool, if it’s even half as good as Xenoblade it’ll be an outstanding title.

    i do worry with this though whether they’ve tried to cram in too many game styles.
    games can lose their focus a bit if they try to do too many things.

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