Twisted Metal To Become A Movie

The writer and co-director of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is to adapt and direct a live action version of Sony’s Twisted Metal franchise.

Ghost Rider’s Avi and Ari Arad are on producing duties and the plot will revolve around an underground event (I presume they mean shady and illegal rather than subterranean) in which weaponized cars try and smash each other into scrap.


The races will be run by Calypso, ‘a string-puller dedicating to examining the human condition’ with Sweet Tooth and Doll Face also scheduled to appear.

Source: Deadline




  1. Cool, seems the sort of game that would suit a movie format.

  2. What!? I can’t see it being a good film, average at best due to the nature of Twisted Metal. I can see it going, dialogue, action, action action, unnesseccary romance etc..

    • i see it going, sit down, credits roll, first line of dialogue, stand up, leave cinema – bit llike johnny mnemonic then.

      • I though johnny mnemonic was brilliant. Just sayin.

      • *thought

      • horses for courses :)

      • Johnny Mnemonic was the first, and I think the only movie I laughed at, not with after seeing it a year ago, and I think most of it was due to it being made in the 90’s and styles and trends that prevailed. Twisted Metal is unlikely to have such luck of being appreciated even in a bad way…

      • lol

  3. So, Death Race then?

    • Yeah, i think that’s pretty much the only format it could take really.

      Either way, there has to be a point to it all rather than just fame & glory i suppose? Characters would be kind of hard to relate to if there is no real point to it all.

      • I imagine all the characters will have their own back story and motivation as to why they are competing in life or death vehical combat games, which is better than the “Race or stay in prison” of the Death Race remake. I.E. I imagine Sweet Tooth would be generally tapped in the head and does it for the fun of it. Where as other characters might be doing it to avenge a family member or something similar.
        They could make this into a great summer blockbuster given enough cash and a decent director.

    • First time I watched the Death Race remake I immediately thought of a Twisted Metal movie.

      • The original Death Race 2000 is more what I was aiming for because that film is just insane. But both have that vehicle combat theme which would work great for Twisted Metal.

  4. Actually, I might be more interested in Twisted Metal as a cheesy movie than the game.

  5. face palm

  6. Somehow this reminds me of Tripping the Rift.

  7. This film will say about as much on the human condition as the label on a tin of spam

  8. Soooo…Sweet Tooth is a protagonist and a charming/romancing guy or is this movie about action? I thought TM never had a good story… so why bother make a movie…

  9. I think this could translate to cinema fairly well, the premise is simple enough they just need a kick-ass director. Tarantino would do nicely.

    • Not to poo poo your idea, but this is defintely not Tarantino’s cup of tea.

      Think more Michael Bay or McG.

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