Gelid Games Announces Wheels of Destruction

If Twisted Metal seems a wee bit robust or finicky for your taste then you may be interested in Gelid Game’s upcoming title, Wheels of Destruction.

Exclusive to the Playstation Network and powered by the Unreal Engine, Wheels of Destruction is offering up an accessible yet “hard to master” take on the car combat genre. Needless to say, it looks fantastic, Gelid’s debut trailer teasing the game’s intricate class system.


According to lead designer, Kerim Borchaev, Wheels of Destruction is due to launch “soon.” Pricing has yet to be confirmed.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Any info on why it supposed to look fantastic?

  2. Looks bloody terrible.

    • *Looks great (but may not play so well.)

      • I don’t even think it looks average. Looks like an old Unreal Tournament on wheels.

      • I dunno. Look at that PSN game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Gears. Looks average as hell but I’ve probs poured more hours into it than any other game. Ever.

      • I really want a sequel to that game :(

      • Super Sonic acrobatic Rocket Powered battle cars is awesome!

      • SARPBC is a totally awesome game, and it IS getting a sequel :)

      • SARPBC Is a great game. Few years ago I poured hours and hours into it and I got to No. 1 on goals scored and in top 10 on wins and compared to most people I didn’t have that many loses. A lot of fun on that game. Hopefully some publisher will pick it up for Psyonix and re;ease it.

        Looking at this game, my first impressions was its SARPBC with guns, minus the ball. It looks ok, but I would probably have to play a demo first to see how it handles.

  3. It doesn’t look as if it’ll be worth my time sadly

  4. I was looking forward to Twisted Metal but I really hated the demo so this might be worth a go for a fraction of the price.

  5. reminds me a little of Carmageddon, damn that game was fun.

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