UK Game Market Shrinks Again

The UK games market has shrunk since last week, according to a report on MCV. Unit sales are down by 12% but the market value has declined by 14% to £12.7m, despite a couple of reasonably big releases.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was the best seller, knocking Final Fantasy XIII-2 into second place. The Darkness II was in third place.


As the report points out, Sony’s Vita launches next week in the UK, bringing with it a large software catalogue, so hopefully that will help to give a boost to the market. Otherwise, if trends continue, February will see a monthly decline on January’s figures.

Source: MCV



  1. Surely week on week sales mean next to nothing and it has to be looked at in the bigger picture?

    I’m not complaining about the article, I just don’t see a benefit of looking at these figures. Far too many variables will affect the results.

    • well, it’s disheartening that there’s a decline on a week with a couple of new releases but week-on-week isn’t something to get alarmist about (I hope I didn’t give that impression?)
      It is slightly more worrying that February looks like it’s going to be down on January though and the decline since this time last year is, if memory serves, quite depressing too.

      • No not at all. Was more thinking/typing out loud. And you are right, it’s not exactly great to look at. Was probably more trying to tell myself that it is nothing to worry about.

      • Last January and February there were a lot of big releases like lbp2,.DC universe, dead space 2, killzone 3, mass effect 2 on ps3 etc… I’m not convinced 2012 has been as strong. Id also expect many have been holding back spending on games with vita about to come out, I know I have.

      • I personally would say that the truly strong releases kinda kick off around March time from what i have seen – As jimmy said, the start to this year certainly hasn’t been as strong as last.

  2. Relying on Vita is a bit risky. It’s clearly an amazing gadget, but I just can’t see it doing well.

    • Especially as Sony has hardly advertised it.

      • whats a vita?

      • game is great advertising everyone will get to try it.

    • all those new releases and a bit of excitement in the retailers should give us a bit of a bump, at least.

    • I think it will certainly be the last portable games console.

      • Not a chance.
        There’s a market, even if it shrinks, there’s still a market.
        Vita won’t be the last portable console.

      • I just think in a couple of years, mobile gaming will be at a standard where there is no market for a portable games console. Even now, FIFA12 on my iPhone cost 69p and it’s brilliant.

      • I have it on iPad, and I have it on PS3.
        One of those games is brilliant, and one is a pale imitation, and dare I say it, a mess.
        While the Vita version doesn’t quite measure up to the PS3’s game (going by reviews) it does manage to come quite close, and actually matches FIFA 11 on PS3.

        It’s not comparing like with like, and personally I can’t wait for my Vita (won’t be picking up FIFA though- it’s too late in the season for that, I’ll get Euro 2012 in a couple of months instead).

        One year on from launch, the 3DS is a success, with a better opening year than the DS (either the best selling console of all time, or a close second to PS2) and the Vita is set to launch with arguably the best launch line-up ever.

        I don’t think this is last generation of portable consoles I’ll see.

      • And in a couple of years, iPhones still won’t have buttons, of course. :P

    • It wont do well as nobody outside the gaming world knows it exists. Absolute no advertisements have been shown at peak times. If they have there must have been one 3 second advert.

  3. The end of this month should get some of the last “spent too much” Christmas bills out of the way and there is no Council Tax and certain other bills at the end of Feb and March so I would hope to see improvements.

    • Love no council tax months. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Maybe the previous week was in fact an anomoly in itself?

    I’d like to see a breakdown of what % of those weeks sales were from certain retailers etc. That would give us a better picture of the situation GAME finds itself in. Probably extends beyond the scope of the original data though

  5. Saying markets are getting bigger and smaller by a week’s data sample is a bit over-the-top and knee jerk, methinks.
    Better to view a larger data set. Bimonthly or Quarterly would be best.
    And yearly is King.

  6. Wait, why the heck should it matter if the market shrinks a bit? It’s not like this world has an infinite amount of people and resources, making constant growth plausible. Man I hate economics :l

    • If the market shirnks by a percent or two then there could be a few reasons for that A percentage fall of 14% shows that there are some fundamental flaws and that the market could heading to collapse.

  7. Maybe the financial climate as a whole is still having an effect year on year? I know I’m not spending anywhere near as much on any form of entertainment. I haven’t bought a brand new full price game for nearly a year now. All either second-hand or borrowed.

  8. Surely Valentines day is part of the cause of this decline? I know it’s the week before, but I’d imagine people putting asides gaming purchases for the day…

    • …and as games are hardly the most romantic purchase, it’s the inverse of Christmas?

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