Uncharted 3 Trailer Shows Off Next Map Pack

We weren’t expecting this video to crop up until next week, and Sony probably wasn’t either, as suggested by the “Available Now” tag towards the end of this 90 second sneak peak.

Uncharted 3’s second map pack, referred to as “Flashback #2” will be launching on February 22nd (next Wednesday) featuring the remaining four Uncharted 2 maps which have yet to be ported over to the game’s successor.


As with Flashback #1 (our review) each map has been modified with improved particle effects and lighting. Aside from Train Wreck, which has substituted the desolate Nepalese mountains for a scorching desert, the only changes present are mainly through lighting adjustments.

It may not offer as much cosmetic change as the previous map pack, but in terms of gameplay, these are four of the most exhilarating battlegrounds you’ll find in any online shooter, verticality and diverse terrain navigation setting them apart.

Flashback #2 will launch at $9.99/£6.49. Those who have subscribed to the Fortune Hunter’s Club will receive the content for free.



  1. That looks very disappointing. Only big difference is in Train Wreck, all the others are exactly the same apart from a different time of day.
    Price is too steep as well. Lost a bit of respect for Naughty Dog with the Map packs they have been releasing.

    • Lol so let me get this straight you’ve lost respect of a top gaming company because of the dlc not suiting ‘YOUR’ needs? wow you obviously don’t realise how many company have petty dlc for high prices “Cough “Cough..Call of duty. So you’ve lost respect for naughty dog over…WHAT? that’s petty talk, seriously go away and think about your comment, or is it a fanboy attack :/

      • The price is reasonable tbh and the only reason its like that is to encourage you to invest in the Fortune Hunters Club.

      • Welcome to TSA fella, where everyone’s opinion is respected. ;)

        I think he has lost respect for ND because of them releasing recycled content and feels that they are ripping us off. And i agree with him. But that doesn’t make him a fanboy. Also, why should he go away for stating a valid opinion? O-o

      • @ therealdeal

        Though I’m not really sure ND or Sony is to blame, the approach taken to the UC3 DLC-business is frankly really disappointing. Having people pay up for a DLC-subscription, and then announcing that large parts of it is recycled content many of us have bought before, is atleast in my opinion disrespectful towards the consumerbase, and it also highlights that the only real thing they care about is our money.

        You point out that a lot of other companies do it too, which is true, but that does not mean one have to follow the poor example. I’m sure ND know what they did and that people would react, losing some respect for them is nothing but a natural reaction.

        And how has this got anything to do with fanboyism, please tell.

      • oh lovely, welcome to TSA. made a great entrance for yourself here. Steven has basically summed up my feelings. I’ve had enough of recycled content (especially when ND have upped the price of their DLC by £1.50 since UC2) if I Bought Uncharted 2 why do I have to buy the maps again? I will only buy new content, as I did with Killzone 3 DLC map packs. Dont get me wrong with Call Of Duty either, DLC price is disgusting tbh for it.

      • Also as Aqua said how the hell is this a fanboy attack? I see you mentioned it at Steven’s comment below also.

      • therealdeal, How was Origami’s post a fanboy attack? would you mind to explain why?

  2. Great news and thanks naught dog! :D…shame that not everyone is happy :l

  3. So is it available now? Or is that a mistake on their part.

    • Nope, it’s a mistake. I assume the trailer was meant for next Tuesday, hence the “Available Now” tag.

  4. That is just lazy, ND. It is blantly obvious that they just fiddled around with the textures and other minor details with the maps from UC2, which could have been ported over to UC3 before release, as it would probably take a very short time. :)

    Also, £6.50!? For recycled content, that is taking the pie ND, Bad dog, very bad dog. *hits ND with a rolled up newspaper*. My respect has just dropped a bit for you. I think i will wait for the complete/GOTY edition if there is one.

    • They might of been able to add in the maps from Uncharted 2 but ran out of time, due to the crunch time before a release. I do think the price is a bit much if brought separably but as part of the Fortune Hunters pack is quite reasonable.

      • Well, you do get it for free with the fortune hunters. ;) I would have capped the maps off at £2 as imo, not worth the current price. :)

      • Well it’s not free I paid £20 for it.

    • £2 is just unreasonably low though… they know a lot of people will buy them so they can afford to increase the price a little in order to make a bit of extra cash. Afterall, business is business.

      • True but in the long run, more people would buy it due to the low price point and could end up being more profitable then setting it £6.50. :)

    • So your moaning about DLC…pal your on the wrong site the fanboy hate site us on another link

      • No blind fanboys of any kind on this site.

      • How on earth am i a fanboy for daring to express my opinion on DLC on a site that welcomes everyone’s opinions? No seriously, tell me as i’m curious to how you got that from my comment?

        Because i can’t see how i managed to be a fanboy and i think everyone would agree with me. Although, i am a bit of tea fanboy, i will admit that. :p Also, stop accusing everyone of being fanboys as they are not. If you keep it up, you will win a date with the Banhammer.

  5. The best maps from Uncharted 2, so I’ll definitely be buying this.

  6. a £3.99 – £4.99 would of been a more suitable price point for the map pack

    • Yeah that is what it would of cost if you divide up the cost of the Fortune Hunter’s Pack. Outside of that it, it is over priced.

  7. dont want dont buy

  8. Simple if you don’t want the dlc don’t buy it, you nutters sound paranoid in the sence your comparing it with other dlc packs…nitpickers much? Just grow up and stop whining about your picture decision making Lmao

  9. Oh and ‘Oragami Killer’ I don’t give a monkeys toss who I say what to lol, no IFS, no BUTS… if you don’t Like it then tell someone who gives a dam, cos frankly bud you sound like the old biddy from across the street and she’s 89, heck maybe you 2 should meet up

    • On TSA, the comments-section is used for people to express their opinion on articles, and people can, you know, discuss stuff there. Some people may disagree with eachother, also. Without calling names.

      Obviously you have no interest in discussing anything in a fashion similar to the one I described above, instead you’re simply telling people you’re right, they are wrong, and that they’re whiny and need to grow up because they don’t have the same opinion as you do.

      In other words, we’re all waisting our time here.

      • Was any of realdeal’s comments aimed at me aqua?

      • He said something about you being a whiny kid and that he didn’t care about any of our opinions etc. Just nonsense all he said actually.

      • He has to learn that everyone has their own opinions which should be respected.

      • I know this is VERY late in the discussion and I’ll leave it after this, but if you’re interested origami, here’s what he said in the mobile version; http://www.thesixthaxis.com/i.php?c=126669

      • thanks! haha! I find his response laughable. He could have at least spelt by username correctly :P

  10. Back on topic. I have never bought a map pack and this is the reason why. Why would I waste money on something I have already bought? I love Uncharted MP maybe they could have spent this time helping Bend Studios put MP into Golden Abyss.

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