SSX Demo Next Week

SSX creative director, Todd Batt, has told gamers to expect an SSX demo next week.

Consisting of four events, it’ll feature Zoe as a playable character (and Mac as an unlock by referring a friend), and will hit LIVE and the US PSN on February 21st, and the EU PSN on February 22nd.


The full game is out on February 28th in the US, and March 2nd in Europe.

Source: SSX Ubercast



  1. Excellent! Will it have a ridiculous expiry date like Hot Pursuits demo did? I like to keep dipping into a demo until I can afford the full game.

  2. Nice… Kinda interested in this… still miss something as fun as 1080 snowboarding…

  3. This demo will probably what I base my buy/no buy on. It looks great, I just hope it plays great too like the old SSX games.

  4. Preparing myself equally for disappointment or a pleasant surprise!

  5. Fingers crossed they pull this one off!

  6. Really hope this is good. Looking forward to this sooooo much.

  7. Looking forward to this. And Turbowolf are on the soundtrack! :D

  8. I dont think am going touch my ps3 on the 22nd, my sweet darling arrives on the 22nd, we will be busy making sweet love to usher love in the club ( I am talking about the vita)

    The only SSX game I ever played was the one that had a song that went something like its tricky its tricky along them lines lol

    • I’m the same. If it were out now it might stem the prerelease boredom that turns days into years, but if it isn’t out before the Vita, it’s being neglected until the retail copy drops through my letterbox…

      SSX Tricky was undoubtedly the highlight of the series (and about the most fun game of its generation, imho), although I’m still picking this one up regardless, for the last-gen nostalgia.

  9. Looking forward to giving this a go! Hopefully it will be enough to warrant a purchase later down the line. Theres something about snowboarding games which I love :)

  10. Looking forward to giving it a try. Really enjoyed the original and Trickaaay so hopefully the demo proves enjoyable :)

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