Wi-Fi PS Vita for Less Than £200

Well, the price wars have been hotting up for some time now so it’s not surprising to see someone go as low as possible with the Vita’s launch price.

[drop]This has just popped up on popular deal-finder website HotUKDeals.com and it is basically pointing out that, although the online price remains at £219, Asda will be selling the WiFi PS Vita for £196.98 in store from the 22nd of February – launch day.


That’s a considerable bargain, but it’s unlikely to be the last one, with other supermarkets surely going to play their hands soon enough.

In addition, we assume this is just for the console itself so factor in any special pre-order packs or bundled memory cards when you’re planning your purchase.

We’ll let you know, obviously, if any other prices roll in between now and Wednesday.

Source: HotUKDeals



  1. Very tempted, but it’s still way more than I can afford/justify

    Just bought a PSP (for the 3rd time) was only £28, got a ton of brilliant games for less than 2 quid each too, will keep me happy for a while & then I’ll see about the Vita

    • £28 ? What the….

      Nice bargain.

    • I’ve recently got my PSP back out coincidentall, and I have many games to enjoy before considering a PS Vita, like Phantasy Star Portable and…

      GUNPEY O_O

  2. But really its more expensive than buying a bundle if your looking for a 8/16gb and a game.

  3. Ah, the fabled £200 barrier has been broken. The guys above are correct about bundles but people’s minds don’t quite work like that when dealing with things like this. The Xbox 360 benefited from the same thinking when it launched. People psychology justify the initial expense of the unit itself then almost “remove” extraneous costs (from their mind) that support the purchase of said item. Ah… the consumer world is funny.

    • “People” are so stupid. They don’t research purchases as much as they should, they don’t add in the extra costs. Ugh.

      You know what? If compan

    • You know what? If a company can trick a consumer into buying something, and then milk them for more money after that, good for them. Consumers need to get a grip and figure out a way to beat the system, because that same system is trying to beat them.

      Basically, all is fair in love and consumer warfare. (well, obviously not illegal stuff)

      • Exactly. My comment is about the buyer’s mentality which is why such a figure isn’t so black and white sometimes. The same thing happened with the PS2 when it broke the £200 barrier. Sod the extra controllers and the games, it was the fact that the little black beastie had snuck under a very important financial marker.

      • See now that’s different. Single player, you only need one controller. You don’t really need to advertise or sell more than controller with a console, because multiplayer is optional.

        Then, the other part is that people will think of what game they want to get alongside a console, and you generally do get a game bundled with consoles these days (though not necessarily at launch).

        Memory cards, though, that’s where they’ve always been sneaky, sneaky bar stewards…

  4. and so it begins…..Might hold off till post AS Levels actually…

  5. Gosh darn it, I told myself I don’t want a Vita as they are too expensive but a price of less than £200 is going to be tricky to turn down. At least the launch line up isn’t stunning, which should make it easier to let the deal pass me by

    • “At least the launch line up isn’t stunning”

      Yes it is. It’s the single best console launch line-up ever.

      • In volume yes but, aside from Uncharted, there aren’t any must-have games surely?

      • Indeed. Few concoles have started which such a high quality line up.

      • Suppose it is down to what games you are interested in.

      • To be fair its down to personal oppinion – it might be better than past consoles, but I personally don’t think its too amazing. Uncharted, Fifa, Ridge Racer and Wipeout are all the big name games, but they are all games (not exactly the same obviously) you can get on PS3. I think [email protected] is gimmicky, and I’m not too fussed about Little Deviants (seems a bit casual). This is inevitably to show off some of the Vita’s features. I’m sticking with Uncharted, as I’m sure it will be amazing; not buying Fifa this time around since I’ve not long bought Fifa 12 on my PS3; even with DLC Wipeout just isn’t my cup of tea (no cars); and Ridge Racer which does have cars, only have 5 (exc DLC)! However I am very excited about Escape Plan and MotorStorm RC, but even the latter can just be purchased on PS3, so I can see Eldave0’s point. Its good, but I wouldn’t say its amazing.

      • * “opinion” spelling fail.

      • Youles that makes no sense in context of this :P

      • @Eldave0 – WipEout, FIFA, Lumines and Everybody’s Golf are all must haves, if you’re into that kind of game. Hustle Kings, MotorStorm RC, Star Dust Delta and Escape Plan also offer very strong (and very cheap) reasons to buy into the system. That’s all launch day.

        That’s not to mention Rayman Origins and Virtua Tennis 4, which we haven’t had much time with but look very strong so far.

        It took the PS3 about eight months to match that sort of strength!

      • How come? :/

        Nofi questioned his critism of the launch line-up, and I agree that its not “stunning”. But it is down to opinion. As someone who already owns a PS3, I don’t think its fantastic. That’s not to say its terrible though.

      • I suppose the way I look at it is that I can check most of those games out on a home console. Like most “hardcore” portable games I would pick them up on the PS3 if I had the option, which is why I think the Vita is aimed at the wrong market and why it will struggle.

      • @Youles. Forgive me but when i said that comment the only comment from you that was showing was “*opinion spelling fail”. Dont know why your previous comment didnt show

      • Lol, your comment makes more sense now! ;)

      • On the subject of the line up. Im only personally interested in a few games. Little Deviants looks fun and FIFA would be good. But im actually looking forward to seeing Resistance and if there is a Killzone on the Vita. Do want to try out Uncharted though…

      • Killzone would be good, I’d love a similar version to the PSP game though, not necessarily another FPS – as I’ve mentioned I can get that on PS3, it would be nice to have something different.

        I’m tempted to trade in my PS3 version of FIFA for the Vita version. I’m more likely to play RPGs and FPSs when I’m sat at home with my PS3, therefore FIFA would be an ideal Vita game for me, as I can grab a few games here and there when on my lunch breaks etc.

      • Yet to play Liberation on the PSP for Killzone. FIFA 06 was the only game i ever played on my PSP when it had its use.

      • Liberation was awesome, probably not so good now though – these things tend not to age well

      • While on the subject of Killzone/Resistance on PSP, I played the Metal Gear Solid 3DS demo last night, which was the first game I’ve ever played where the face buttons are used as a right analogue stick. My question is, how on earth do you get used to something like that?! lol. Felt really weird and unnatural

      • Yeah, its not easy – movements are very jerky and hits hard to make minimal adjustments! Thankfully Vita has the 2 sticks!

      • Lol yeah I quickly found myself using my ugly circle pad attachment :D

      • @Cb

        Out of that list only Escape plan doesn’t have the same/similar game on PS3.

        I can see that if you’re only in it for the games, and already have a PS3, (or xbox) the launch lineup doesn’t look that hot, and might not justify the cost of the Vita.

        If on the other hand you’re into the whole “portable” thing then yes the lineup is awesome.

      • ““At least the launch line up isn’t stunning”

        Yes it is. It’s the single best console launch line-up ever.”

        I like how you’ve made that look like fact. Personal interpretation surely? The disappointing line-up is the one thing stopping me from pre-ordering.

      • @c blue- i saw escape plan got pasting on the destructoid review. This concerns…

      • You’re saying it’s not the best line-up ever?
        Please, describe one that was better.

        We’re not saying other consoles don’t have better (or even the same) games but what console had a better launch line-up than the Vita?

      • I’d probably agree with you, although I bet the Dreamcast had a solid line-up too, being a very awesome console and all :3

      • Dreamcast had a good line-up, but (in my opinion), the only challenger to the Vita for best line-up is the Game Boy Advance. The Vita does beat it though.

      • I’m not saying it is or isn’t.
        I was remarking on how the quoted comment made it seem like fact when it’s simply nothing more than opinion.

    • FacePalm :S

  6. Without the inclusion of a free memory card though its basically the same as Amazon’s offer. Plus after a few hours they will be sold out :P

    • I think a bundle offer is still the best way to go.

      • Yeah, me too. I’m holding off for a great bundle with a decent memory card and a good game. And with all the great games coming out for the ps3 this year and my extencive backlog, I don’t mind waiting.

  7. Morrisons.

    £250 for a wi-fi, 4gb card, FIFA and £25 of vouchers. (and the pre order pack)

    Or in my case with my ex working there £235 for all the above and uncharted (using the £25 vouchers)

  8. Come on game… lower your price…

    • Why would they, there’s an endless supply of mothers, grandmothers ETC to fleece.

    • I’m pissed off with game, I have £100 on a gift card, which for some stupid reason can’t be spent online. Their in-store bundles are overpriced. WiFi + uncharted + 8gb card is £299 in store, joke.

      • Wish I could use my gift cards online too, I never intend on going in store.

    • There’s always been a plan to integrate it online… it’s just never materialised, shouldn’t imagine it’s too hard to do.

      • that would be hard to do though surely, as the the amount on the card is embedded in the magnetic strip

  9. Still happy with my 3G order from HMV with FIFA for free. Just need Uncharted and a memory card. Still £197 entry price is a great price point.

  10. I still believe that play.com’s Vita/8GB/Uncharted packs are the best. £292.00 for 3G, means it’s effectively Vita + Card + Uncharted + WipEout, saving about £50 on the separate RRP (of the WiFi Model!!!), with a free aerial and GPS :D

    • I should mention that the WiFi model is around £260ish, but obviously without the Vodafone WipEout promo, and there are other cheaper bundles with ‘lesser’ games.

    • Its even cheaper if you buy the Rayman Origin bundle and then buy UC for £35 from ShopTo, you basically get Rayman for like £15

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