F1 2011 PS Vita Launch Trailer

Codemasters has released a launch trailer for the PS Vita version of F1 2011 and it looks rather more polished than the previous videos we have seen.

The game will challenge players to ‘be the driver, live the life, go compete,’  with quick races for when you have five minutes on the bus, time trials and Grand Prix events for when you have longer to play.


Source: YouTube



  1. Why are the steering wheels so small!?

    • Ha they do look a bit out of proportion now you mention it.

  2. Sorry but I still think it looks turd.

  3. Visually speaking it looks horrible, but hopefully it will make up for it with good gameplay like handling etc.

  4. Hopefully the next edition will be a step up visually. But then, it probably won’t if it is developed concurrently with the DS and mobile versions. A PS3 and Vita version with exclusive features would be fantastic.

  5. Still looks awful IMO :/

  6. That’s like sooooo last year. But seriously though, given how annual sports releases has taught people how quickly things with a year in the title depreciate, releasing a game called 2011 in 2012 doesn’t seem like that smart a move.

  7. It doesn’t look too bad I think. The cockpit view looks terrible though. CVG gave it quite a favourable review though so any word on a TSA review?

  8. Agree that the visuals are terrible, nice bit of Beady Eye though! Good to see some decent music on a trailer even if it’s no High Flying Birds

  9. Urmmmm i’ll stick to PS3 thanks….

  10. I wish Codies had invested the time to handle this project themselves, in-house. It’s not a true representation of the Vita’s power, compared to games like Uncharted…

    I sense many people skipping this one and sticking with their console versions, and buying WipEout 2048 for their Vitas.

    In my opinion, opportunity missed Codies.

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