ME3 “Take Earth Back” Cinematic Extended

If yesterday’s scintillating Mass Effect 3 promo wasn’t perhaps as long as you were hoping then worry not as BioWare today uploaded an extended version.


Aside from a few extra shots and re-used footage from that 2010 VGA promo, there are no ground-breaking changes, but at least you have an excuse to watch it again.



  1. Working out which organ to sell in order to be able to afford this and not go overdrawn again paying the bills that month. I only need one lung, right?

    • Kidneys is a good choice.

    • I just sold my eye to afford this game… now i’m a pirate ARR! HAR! HAR! HAR!

    • It’s thankfully my birthday a couple of days before so someone will be selling a kidney on my behalf.

  2. Drooling.

  3. Actually that’s a lot better then I was expecting. Loved some of extra touches hey added, especially the husk transformation around :54 in. Roll on march.

  4. Getting really excited now, I need to hurry up and finish Skyrim.

  5. Pre ordering in the morning….

    • Changed my preorder to the pc version after the demo. I’m now hastily taking my ME shep through ME2 on the PC in time to import them into 3.

  6. Special appearance by Wayne Rooney at 1:06. Our ultimate defence against the husks.

  7. My God! I hope one day to see those graphics real time in game. We’ve come a loooong way in the last 15yrs, it can’t be much longer now can it!? (although that kid was just a little on the wrong side of uncanny valley for me).

    Wish I’d had time to get into the 1st two games which i’m sure are excellent. Being single, having no mortgage and living with mum and dad did have it’s advantages. Sadly(?) all that has now changed!

  8. The more I see of ME3 the more impatient I become. My PC better be prepared for the kind of endurance gaming that it will be subjected to once this is released.

  9. looking good.

  10. After playing the demo, I’m really looking forward to this.

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