Naughty Dog Aren’t Working On PS Vita Games

Yesterday the internet went into a flurry over a Game Trailers video that – along with confirming Call of Duty was heading to Vita this year – also ‘confirmed’ that Naughty Dog was working on Vita games, that a firmware update would appear that makes the Vita control your toaster and would magically play PS4 games down the line.

You get the idea.


It looks like Guy Longworth, Sony’s Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing, might have been a bit confused, at least about the Naughty Dog claims.  Either that or the gun was well and truly jumped by websites picking up on other aspects of the video interview.

We’re not working on anything for PS Vita,” said the Dog’s Community Manager, Arne Meyer, on NeoGAF, setting the record straight.

“I won’t say never, ever, but there’s no plans for it right now – we’ve always felt that consoles play to our strengths as a studio the best. Given the brackets (to indicate an implication on the part of the quote),” he said, “I’m sure this was a misunderstanding to the question that was being posed.”



  1. We want Uncharted now…………oh wait

  2. Not exactly surprising, Naughty Dog aren’t exactly known for their vast range of games and we have Uncharted already.

  3. Unsurprising really. They’ve just made Uncharted for the Vita and are probably now working full-strength on The Last of Us. Maybe after that they’ll put a team on a Vita game after judging how successful Vita is.

    • I don’t think NG was involved in much of it, it was deved by Sony Bend..

  4. Not bad but silly Guy.. I guess NG’s busy with The Last of us now

  5. Didn’t hear that rumour but I didn’t expect ND to be making a Vita title anyway

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