PS Vita Firmware Update 1.61 Released

Quick note: the PS Vita has been updated to version 1.61, with new system software arriving over the air this morning, just in time for the EU release tomorrow.

However, the changelist looks strangely familiar – a ‘new’ Maps app and the ability to record video via the Vita’s cameras are the only things listed, although the PS Blog says that there’s some tweaks to the system software itself.


If those changes manifest themselves into anything substantial, we’ll let you know.



  1. Love how OS’s aint finished untill the day, this is what i call down to the wire.
    Love it.

  2. They’ve just re-published the list of 1.60 changes for those “turning on [their] PlayStation Vita for the first time”.

    As the PS Blog says, “[if] you have already updated your PS Vita to 1.60, 1.61 will improve certain aspects of the system software”.

  3. I updated mine, rebooted the system to find out my entire Asphalt Injection save game had been wiped.

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