Seaman Coming to 3DS

[drop2]Look, it’s a funny name. We get that. We could write a couple of hundred words of double entendres and innuendo but that would be missing the point. Because here’s the point: Seaman’s title was the least weird thing about this Dreamcast game.

Apparently, according to Nikkei (via Andriasang), the 3DS will soon see a version of the game in which you had to care for a fish with a man’s head. Sorry, that needs to be said again. A fish. With a man’s head. Yeah.


It’s a pet-care sim, or the 1999 Dreamcast version was, and it got quite a lot of praise considering its apparent weirdness. Players could interact with the creepy fish-man via the Dreamcast’s microphone.

There’s no word yet on whether the game is a remake or a sequel. It’s bound to be terrifying though, that fish-man in 3D.

Source: Andriasang



  1. …the horror

  2. Cum on, who splurges out on this stuff? Maybe it’s just sperm of the moment purchases?

    • Etc…

    • There’ll always be cumpanies that produce games like this and decide to chuck one off in the market place when least expected. It’s just another pet-name game and all that Jizz! *cough* {:O

    • Looks more like a semen, I’d say..

  3. Why do they have to make everything so extremely weird / borderline creepy on a disturbing level?
    I’m sure the same game would sell a ton more if it was a cute Clown Fish.

  4. It’s a title that would sit very well on the 3DS. I’m intrigued.

    If only SEGA hadn’t screwed up the Dreamcast’s launch, that console was so far ahead of it’s time.

    • Agreed, still my favourite console so far :P

      This is really surprising news, considering how abstract it is, but it is likely that SEGA will find a way to screw it up. If it manages to survive however this will definitely be a purchase from me.

  5. I honestly thought this would be a Tuffcub article. :O

    I have a feeling that this is not a Japanese game. I’m going to go and try to erase that image from my mind.

  6. I remember this. The DC was such a great console.

  7. Buying a 3DS for this beauty!

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