Sony’s Motion Control Master Files Kinect Style Patent

Dr Richard Marks is one of the leading minds behind the early home console motion tracking we saw in the EyeToy for PlayStation 2. He is also the genius behind PlayStation’s (perhaps under-utilised) Move technology. Now, it seems he has filed a patent for something similar to Microsoft’s Kinect device.

The patent, noticed by Kotaku, refers to a “real-time three-dimensional interactive environment using a depth sensing device” which will track certain objects based on their proximity to the device. It also implies augmented reality, stating that the invention will “allow the user to interactive with, and affect, computer-generated objects and environments that are combined visually with the user’s actual physical environment.”


It all sounds very Next-Gen to me…

Source: US Patent Office, via Kotaku



  1. Whenever it’s out, which will presumably be for next-gen I just hope they remember to make some compelling games for it, apart from an alt control scheme in some FPS Sony’s support of Move has been woeful.

    Sony said when Move launched they’d looked at Kinect-like tech but rejected it until the costs came down, higher resolution and 60htz was possible… Certainly sounds sometime in the future, especially if they want the costs to have come down enough to bundle it with the console.

    • Exactly! Sony seemed to just want in on the Wii market but then forgot to make actual decent games for the device! Plus the camera at night was pretty diabolical to say the least!

      • Good point, they’ve got to get infra-red into this bad boy, I’ve struggled with Move in the light & dark

  2. How is that any different from MS version of the patent for Kinect?

    • Have you used the link above to look at the patent? You’ll only need a spare hour or two to read it all.

  3. Looking at the patent, this doesn’t even seem to be an invention (the only hardware mentioned is an infra-red depth camera, which is exactly what the Kinect is), it’s like they’ve patented a pretty crappy game idea… man, the future is bleak.

  4. Ive said it before and I will say it again. BUTTONS!

    • Yep, buttons all the way for me. Not interested in motion control.

  5. I don’t think Sony will completely ditch Move in favour of is, if you ask me this will be a natural evolution of Move, ie: combining the precision of Move (and buttons) with the low light and depth sensing benefits of an IR camera. I’ve always said Move + Kinect = Win, hopefully this is it.

    Of course if it does have ‘Kinect like’ capability then it opens the door for cross platform developers to bring Kinect titles to PS, and dilutes one of Microsoft’s differentiators. Clever business move by Sony if so.

  6. No thanks, Kinect is a pile of sh*t so i don’t want something that is similar :-/ DS3 Pad 4 LiFE!(or a new DS4 Pad etc etc) :D I can’t stand this Motion control CR*P :-/ (from all of them)

  7. I don’t care what it is, if Sony don’t support it or don’t look like they’re going to support it, I won’t be getting it.
    Kinnect is far better than Move, and if Sony produce some brilliant games for the hardcore audience, it should be a success.

  8. There was a rumor last year that the PS4 would include a kinect like functionality.

    of course before seeing this, i didn’t believe it could happen.

  9. This seems to cover much of what the PS Eye and Move does (where the “depth-sensing device” is the PS Eye, 3D volumes calculated from a 2D “plurality of pixels”, use of calculated volume and depth data to spot collisions between real and virtual objects – hand & Eyepet anyone? – etc.) with the ‘cheeky’ addition of making a handful of claims where the “depth sensing device is a depth camera using controlled infrared lighting”.

    Despite the attempt to claim priority for all the claims by linking it to the older patents they have related to the PS2-era tech (tracking green foam swords, etc.) I can see the IR-related claims being contested by another company with vested interests in the area…

    Don’t think there’s anything especially ‘new’ in evidence given Sony are on record as having looked at the Kinect tech and discounting it.

    While the Kotaku post says it means “[Sony] is thinking about” releasing a Kinect-style device it could also (and perhaps more likely) simply mean that they have previously thought about it.

  10. I have to say, I’m severely disappointed with Sony’s handling of the Move, like so many others. I feel stupid that I believed their claim to support it and will definitely stay off the bandwagon until there is more than one compelling reason to purchase the new device

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