Sony’s Motion Control Master Files Kinect Style Patent

Dr Richard Marks is one of the leading minds behind the early home console motion tracking we saw in the EyeToy for PlayStation 2. He is also the genius behind PlayStation’s (perhaps under-utilised) Move technology. Now, it seems he has filed a patent for something similar to Microsoft’s Kinect device.

The patent, noticed by Kotaku, refers to a “real-time three-dimensional interactive environment using a depth sensing device” which will track certain objects based on their proximity to the device. It also implies augmented reality, stating that the invention will “allow the user to interactive with, and affect, computer-generated objects and environments that are combined visually with the user’s actual physical environment.”


It all sounds very Next-Gen to me…

Source: US Patent Office, via Kotaku



  1. Not more motion control :(

    Curse you Nintendo. Curse you joe public. Cures you Wii. I put a hex on motion gaming!!!

  2. Cool….

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