The Secret World To Launch In June

   Funcom has today confirmed that upcoming MMO, The Secret World, will release on June 19th. Originally planned for April, the Norwegian studio decided to push the date back to ensure an all-round better player experience. Funcom will also be hosting additional beta events for those still looking to get a pre-release hands on.


Sporting a contemporary setting with fantasy, sci-fi, and horror/conspiracy themes definitely sets The Secret World apart from its competitors. We’ve yet to here more news on the 360 version; it’s likely we won’t be hearing any details until after the game’s PC launch.

Source: Massively



  1. Looks cool…

  2. First i heard of this.

  3. If it used the same business model as Guild Wars 2 I would buy it; I love the games setting, premise and gameplay. Alas, I switch games too quickly to commit to a subscription :c.

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