Uncharted 3 To Get ‘Co-Op Shade Survival’

Naughty Dog have announced a new multiplayer mode for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception called ‘Co-Op Shade Survival mode.’

The developers have not released any other details though, so we shall guess that the new mode involves Nathan Drake strolling around London during Fashion week (which is this week, clothes fans!) wearing the uncoolest pair of ‘shades’ possible. How long can Nate survive before he is destroyed by a bitchy put down?


Oh hang on, Naughty Dog have supplied a screenshot as well, let’s take a look.

Aha. Supernatural enemies in a co-op survival mode? Sounds like Uncharted is about to go all Nazi-zombie.

Source: Naughty Dog



  1. When i read the title of the new mode, i instantly thought that Shades from DAO would be making an appearance in UC3.

    They look like deformed Helghast but on fire. I wonder if it will be an endless amount of Shades or if it is just a 10 round arena mode but with shades?

  2. Should do a mode like Infection from Perfect Dark Zero.

  3. Ah so that confirms it, I will not be getting. The supernatural enemies are me least favourite thing about the Uncharted series.

    • I agree about the supernatural enemies, but they aren’t a game breaker for me.
      I think ND are aware of this hence they only seem to feature a couple of levels before the end of the game.

    • They weren’t technically supernatural, they were hallucinations that Nate was having from drinking the water.

  4. Fortune hunter pack proving its worth.

  5. Survival mode, eh? If so that’s really interesting, hopefully with more than 3 players this time also.

  6. Must I remind you that Uncharted had nazi-zombies (not as a seperate mode, though) before call of duty?

  7. Sicker than sick.

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