WeView: F1 2011

Given how popular this game is with the community, it surprised me that I hadn’t looked at the F1 series for WeView before. I mean we run a F1 Championship with trophies and everything, how had this slipped by me in my quest for games to look at? However, now I have seen the light and it’s time to look at the sim racer.

It sometimes feels a bit tricky to select a yearly franchise like F1 or FIFA for WeView, a lot of what will come up will be comments comparing it to past iterations of the series. In fact our very own review of the game makes mention of the 2010 entry in the series when summing up:

Now the tricky part – is F1 2011 worth picking up if you already own 2010? That’s a question that only the individual can really answer – there’s certainly a good, extensive and solid game here but then a good chunk of it is clearly based on last year’s code and visuals, even most of the menu interface remains the same.

The improvements are all for the better – that’s for sure – but perhaps we’d have liked to have seen more of them. Anyone that bypassed 2010 and held out for this years can relax easy, though, this is probably the best Formula One game we’ve seen for years.

So although it is the best F1 game for years, it might be hard to justify if you owned the 2010 version. That’s a fair comment, without a major overhaul it can often be tricky to justify spending the high amount of money that modern games ask of us. We still liked the game a lot though, scoring it at 8/10. The question is, do you agree?

Do you think it was tricky to justify if you had 2010, or were the improvements present enough for you? Are you a die hard F1 fan who would have bought the game regardless of how it was reviewed? Did you pick it up and feel a little let down by the changes from 2010? Maybe it was the first time you picked up an F1 game and you can provide a fresh look on the series.

No matter what your opinion on the game let us know by dropping a comment below.

Once you’ve given your opinion make sure you give the game as rating on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale, meaning we can then form the community’s verdict of the game. If you feel like writing about the game and rating it you’ll need to have completed your view by Sunday afternoon, otherwise you’ll miss the cut off for Monday’s verdict post.



  1. Bought it in ze Steam sales and its alright the graphics are great and the handling is perfect. (which I hope the Vita offers as F1 2009 still haunts) I’ve only tried Online Co-Op and thats quite good but the minimap doesn’t indicate where your teammate is but that shouldn’t be a problem if you have Mics.

    if your fan of F1 or a racing fan its highly recommended.. however the price would obviously be a problem but today you might see priced at £20 or something.

    Buy it

  2. I had 2010 and loved it, but waited until xmas to get 2011 at a reduced price (£20), which imo, was a good choice. Don’t get me wrong, F1 2011 is a fantastic game, however for someone who owns F1 2010, there isn’t really enough of an improvement to warrant the £30-40 price.
    Now that the game includes the safety car feature, DRS and KERS, I think I’m going to find it hard again to justify buying F1 2012 upon release. The only thing that definitely will be ‘new’ will be the new circuit at Austin (if the GP goes ahead). I can’t see them adding any other new features to the game that will justify buying it again.
    Considering its dropped quite a bit in price by now, it’s definitely worth getting it new as there’s an online pass, so I’d definitely say buy it.
    If this was back last September, and you’re already a 2010 owner, then I’d of said bargain bin it, however if your new to codemasters F1 games, then almost certainly buy it.

  3. Even though I thought it was a downgrade in the game is brilliant. DRS and KERS were a nice addition. However, AI drivers are still awful though and will crash into you and the penalty system doesnt work too well. e.g an illegal overtake for not overtaking anyone. Must have for F1 fans as the main driving is awesome. Online is great for coop with a mate or just a normal race with a bunch of randomers, even if they are all better than you though.
    BUY IT

    • forgot to mention it has split screen which is a plus but the split screen looks shit!

  4. Not as much as fan of this as I was F1 2010.

    In F1 2010 I could handle the car just fine, and drive pretty well (if I say so myself) with fairly minimal assists using the Dualshock 3… 2011? Nooope. The handling completely changed, the tyres were now bouncier than a castle, and I found it near uncontrollable.

    Luckily, I could plug in my Driving Force GT, and get a grip on things a fair bit better. I still didn’t really feel like playing the game a whole amount, so I’ve literally only completed a single race in SP. MP did save it, somewhat, and the championship was quite a lot of fun, but as soon as that ended this game was dropped by me (I think there was a meet or two later that I went to).

    Add on top of this some fairly bad framerate issues specific to the PS3 version, and the addition of online passes, and I’m rather disappointed with this. Two games from two out of Codies last year (Dirt 3 the other), where I’ve wanted to like it and just been totally apathetic.


  5. It’s a great game, well, it’s turned into a great game after the 11/11 exploit was fixed. However, one major issue still remains on the PS3 version. Framerate. It’s awful on some tracks, and sometimes it’s awful for no apparent reason. I can only speak for the PS3 version though, and not PC or 360.

    • If you’re a fan of F1, definitely buy it, however, I don’t think casual racers will enjoy it. Rent it for them maybe?

  6. I still prefer Formula One Championship Edition by Sony Liverpool from way back when the PS3 was released .

    • That game was ace. Traded it in, but I can remember having good times on it. I think the graphics were great. Sense of speed was awesome too!

  7. Loved 2010. Despised the graphical depreciation in 2011. Only bought it for the TSA F1 champ and not really touched it since. Unless there is a major improvement in 2012, I’ll not buy another until the next gen.
    Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay was good, really enjoyed it but the game (to me) looked a lot uglier than 2010 and the frame rate was too choppy.

  8. Avoid, at least on the PS2, grainy, bad framerate, dodgy physics at times, terrible aliasing, get 2010 and hope 2012 improves a lot.

  9. Im new to F1, only started watching it halfway through last season (german gran prix) but i have to say im loving it! As for the game, I’ve got it and its top stuff! The only thing I can think that needs improving is the character customization.. there is none apart from your name, helmet colour and where your from. Aside from that, great game!

    Love the sound of the engines..

    Buy it!

    • I mean, I know your focusing on the driving most of the time, but we could at least be able to our own celebrations and such.

  10. The framerate issues just killed the game for me when I tried it at a friends house and the handling just didn’t seem natural when compared with F1 2010. Avoid.

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