3DS Virtual Console Adding Game Gear

According to Famitsu, Nintendo’s downloadable service will soon be adding a new system. On March 14th, Game Gear games will appear to buy on the Virtual Console for ¥300 each. That roughly converts to £2.40.

The first three titles Sega are offering are The GG Shinobi, Sonic & Tales 2 and Dragon Crystal Shirani’s Maze. That’s a good start but Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi and Columns soon, please!


Who needs Uncharted: Golden Abyss and WipEout 2048, eh?

Source: Simple, via Andriasang



  1. you know, the game gear runs happily with a megadrive power supply.

    it’s not exactly a portable anymore that way though, but then it wasn’t really that anyway, you’ve never get far loaded down with enough batteries for an average length jopurney.

  2. If you buy the lithium rechargeable AAs it goes for over 3 hours, they are a bit pricey though. What a machine.

  3. Home Alone? it was my favorite game on the game gear. Pure class

  4. I’ve only played the Sonic games… but where is Sonic The hedgehog? Sonic Racing? Sonic Labyrinth? SOnic:oh fuck off your a Gamegear whore 2.

    it’ll be interesting what they offer even if I’m only aware of the Sonic games and Shinobi… Still I’d really like nintendo to go all out and provide a Virtual Console experience regardless off it being handheld.. Mega-Drive and other 16bit things would be nice

  5. Hally Wars is what I remember most from the game gear. Anyone else play that one?

  6. Winter games too, or was it summer games? Either way it was top drawer gaming.

  7. £2.40 seems about right considering the price of currently exising stuff. I think Wario was about that. I hope they start uploading more classics and downloadable titles, demos etc for the 3DS. The e-Store service for it is nothing compared to the Wii.

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