Daytona International Speedway Added To Auto Club Revolution

It has been announced that Auto Club Revolution will be getting the Daytona International Speedway race track added to the game’s licensed roster.

“We’re heavily committed to bringing the best possible game content including cars, upgrade parts and race tracks to Auto Club Revolution”, said executive producer Doug Wolff. “When we see the ‘most requested track’ lists from our testers then Daytona – the American dream – is right up there alongside Silverstone and Spa”.


The game’s lead designer, Matthew Clarke said, “Daytona is a great addition to Auto Club Revolution. It’s perfect for newcomers looking to get to grips with the racing experience but also an excellent track for the experienced racers looking to ‘sort the men from the boys’ with pack racing gameplay. When those huge, banked corners are looming on the horizon and flying towards you at 200+ mph, and the slightest nudge could send you crashing into the walls; it’s hard not to get excited by that intense feeling.”

I know a number of you currently have access to the ACR closed beta, so let us know what you think of the track.

Source: Press Release




  1. The track is a bit boring unless you have a top car.

  2. I haven’t even started this yet… haven’t been interested at all so I neeed a reason to at least play it.

    Daaaaaaaytonaaa *falls asleep*

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