Lollipop Chainsaw Japanese Trailer

The world is infested with rot and madness, but hey, who cares let go ‘sparkle hunting’! That is the message from the latest trailer for bonkers Japanese game, Lollipop Chainsaw.

Think My Little Pony meets Resident Evil with a touch of Buffy for good measure (could the character ‘Cordelia’ be a nod to everyone’s favourite schoolgirl vampire slayer?)


Up against the girls are Zed and Vikke, punk rock and viking metal zombies respectively. Ms. Pop also carries the very much alive head of her boyfriend on a key-chain.

Surprisingly the Japanese trailer features less up-skirt shots than the western trailers. The one saucy shot in the trailer ends with Ms. Pop landing lady garden first on the camera (I’ll be having nightmares for weeks).

Please note that the video contains a section in which Ms. Pop is wearing the tiniest bikini ever seen in a game (calling it two bits of string would be generous) and a rather revealing catsuit.  Slightly NSFW and definitely NSITMIW (Not Safe If The Missus Is Watching).

Source: YouTube



  1. Would never had thought lollipop and chainsaw would’ve been seen together as a game’s tittle.
    It’s a bit bonkers.

  2. I should like this as the gameplay does seem like something i would enjoy but i’m not interested in it. :O I don’t know why, but i’m just not. Also, this is probably going to be the first game that will result in people donning trenchcoats just to buy it.

  3. Where did she get that bikini, I think my girlfriend would really appreciate me buying her that ;)

  4. Nearly missed the bikini bit at the end, crikey!!!!

  5. Although I like over the top games, this feels more like exploitation than OTT fun. I cant believe a friend of mine is excited for this game.

    • K, I retract my statement after seeing the other trailers. This looks like a lot of fun, and an excellent parody of a slice of American culture, even if it’s one that people are all too happy to use.

  6. The world is infested with… rotten and madness… and comes despair…

    Baking powder?

    • I’m not sure that’s right for the names of the 4 horsemen of the apocolypse.

    • The world is infested with… rotten and madness… and in comes dis bear.

      Yes, I am DLC for Lollpop chainsaw!

    • Perhaps the world is infested with the Sex Pistols front man and the classic eighties Suggs-led outfit. No surprise despair is round the the corner then…

  7. That looks so s***! imo.

    • My thoughts exactly

    • It looks like a good game in my books should be fun and enjoyable regardless what the content is.

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