Tretton Positive About Vita Launch

Sony’s US CEO and President, Jack Tretton, has spoken to IGN in the days before the Vita’s western release. In a fairly lengthy interview, Tretton insisted that Sony were happy with the way the Vita was launching.

We would expect nothing but positivity from Tretton, of course, but it’s reassuring to see that Sony aren’t panicking over what some are insisting is a lacklustre launch in Japan. Tretton insists that 500,000 units in three weeks is a strong launch — even going so far as to say he’d be happy with that figure in North America too.


Perhaps the most telling quote from the interview was concerning Sony’s desire to penetrate mass markets rather than restrict the PS Vita to a smaller “hardcore” market. Hopefully this will eventually mean a huge install base to tempt publishers into backing development for the platform.

For us, success is defined by mass market penetration, meaning not just the core gamer but young, old, male, female, casual and core, and being relevant on a worldwide basis, not being incredibly strong in one market but non-existent in another.

Source: IGN



  1. Off course he’s not going to say anything bad about the Vita launch. I’m sure he could be happier about it if the numbers were higher but I think the Vita will see a steady grow over the course of its lifecycle with a huge peak with the first price drop / HW revision. The games are there. They just have to spread the word and convince people that the price they are asking is justified.
    I personally think the Vita is a great piece of hardware and although I don’t see myself having a real use for this device, I can’t promise anyone that I wont end up owning one in the not so distant future.

  2. On BBC news website there are quotes from peeps saying that Vita is aimed at 18-25 males who are hardcore gamers and maybe in 2 years they will look at expanding to younger/casual gamers.

    • Quotes are actually from Jim Ryan, president of SOE Europe.

    • There’s a report on ‘Click’ too.

    • 18-25? Seems I’m too old for the Vita then! (Didn’t stop me getting mine at the midnight launch tho!)

    • Sony said that, for the first two years, it would be targeting its core demographic: 18 to 25-year-old males who were gamers first and foremost.
      “When we get to year two and year three, we will try to broaden the demographic to bring in the younger consumer – the more casual consumer, perhaps,” said Mr Ryan

      • Perhaps he was talking about the bigger picture then? Looking towards the final goal?

        In fact, reading the quote through again, it does seem like he is talking more of a longterm desire than a first few weeks plan.

  3. Positive? Mines dodgy! There’s some stuff under the screen looks like glue or something

  4. it *could* have been better.
    More marketing for a start plus CoD as a launch game (not that id play it mind you) and your laughing all the way to the bank.

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