GAME Won’t Stock The Last Story, Out Tomorrow

Yesterday GAME cancelled all pre-orders of the Special Edition of Mistwalker’s Wii epic The Last Story, converting purchases of them to the standard edition.

Today, it’s cancelled all pre-orders of the standard edition too, and said it won’t be stocking the game when it launches in Europe tomorrow.


All mention of the game has been removed from the GAME and Gamestation websites.  Clearly GAME’s buyers are having to be very careful which titles they bring in.

Yesterday GAME confirmed they were closing up and closing 35 branches, and earlier this week said they wouldn’t be selling Ubisoft’s Vita launch titles.

Via MCV, EuroGamer.



  1. Just depends on the supply deals GAME seem to be able to negotiate with their suppliers

    There’s pictures flying around Twitter of games being purchased with a “Property of XYZ” sticker on them, I presume those suppliers/publishers are happy to carry on selling through GAME but if they were to go under they wouldn’t want the administrators seizing stock as an asset, which happens when all business go under.
    HMV are also shipping with these stickers on

    Think staff should be removing them though

    Suppliers or publishers who aren’t happy with this & see it as too much of risk, obviously aren’t selling through GAME & if last week was anything to go by the title’s lack of presence on the High St is drastically affecting their chart positions.

    • Wow. I need more caffine. Just sat here thinking to mysefl “Who the hell is ZYX?”

    • I really appreciate this kind of insight. Reading about this on other websites the comments are all “ha ha Game are c&*p” etc.
      All things considered, the industry needs Game (or an equivalent) to exist so this is sad news.

    • Yeah, my Vita and Uncharted came with the sticker
      “Property of Sony Computer Entertainment Ireland Ltd,” and their address, Not to be removed until point of purchase by consumer.

      • Mine too. Wondered why it had that. Now I know.

      • My memory card did to, that came from HMV

  2. My local GAME never has many ‘New’ games anyway.For the last 6 months or so whenever I’ve popped in there has never been more than 15-20 (that’s being generous) new games on the shelves.I’ve asked a couple of times and was just told that they don’t sort the orders out at that shop.

  3. My Amazon pre-ordered Vita came with a ‘Property of Sony Entertainment UK Ltd’ sticker, surely Amazon aren’t having the issues GAME are?

    • Interesting, perhaps it’s not supplier/publisher concern over the retailer’s ability to pay for it on invoice then, perhaps its just the way Sony are distributing the Vita & games.

    • Amazon make money from their other departments from around the world so I doubt Amazon will have even a tiny problem.

      • Those that are doing it are probably just putting the stickers on all of them rather than messing about only putting it on some and not others.Easier that way.

  4. Phew, glad I didn’t keep my pre-order with them then. Assuming they don’t hit the same problems, which I can’t imagine why they would, I’ll probably stick with Amazon for my orders now.

  5. They are down a very dirty creek with no paddeling equipment. Sounds like they are only going to sell games they can bank on selling well. Not a great business model, because only a few games a year are almost guarenteed to shift units. The hype about a game can change in a day and its very poor planning. remember how everyone got excited about Duke Nukem Forevers resurection? then the 1st review dropped a week before and nobody bought it? GAME will only sell COD, Fifa, and whatever shooters EA decide to try and combat CODs FPS dominance by the end of this year at this rate.

  6. not buying from game again i hope they fail

    • I’d hope they never fail. They are the reason supermarket stores keep their prices down (usually). Without them, I bet you will see prices slowly inflate. Plus, although they have fallen by the wayside, game is the only place (barring online) to get slightly less known titles. Without them, you won’t be able to pick up any title that is more than 2 months old on the high street. That is not a situation I would like at all.

    • Yeah, what an utterly bizarre comment – You would have to be a fool to think that it would be a good thing for Game to go under, like them or not.

    • …..and every member of staff looses their job, and some die getting run over or by getting AIDS or something really bad like that. Yeah!

      • Sod it, lets go the whole hog & give them the plague too! Why not eh? :P

  7. They don’t help themselves though. Even as late as Monday night the Manager of my local Game couldn’t/wouldn’t confirm if they were doing any Vita bundles despite HMV having their deals on full view.

    Mind you, while I was in there I did take the opportunity to browse the games section. PS3 tucked away in the darkest corner of the shop as usual, but quite impressed with the number of PSN and live voucher cards they were selling. First time I’ve seen physical vouchers for PSN games as well.

    Be a real shame if Game do fold as the high street definately needs a dedicated games retailer.

  8. Amazon has been the only place I pre order games anyway because they are far superior in price due to their pre order price guarantee and they have always arrived on release day provided you select first class. Game is only useful for online sales but the retail stores are such rip offs such that it surprises me how much the market sales of games suffer when game no longer sell that game. I suppose that it is the casual games that it

    • *gamer that decides how well a game does at the end of the day as they are the ones such as children who will be walking into a game shop getting parents to purchase in store games. I think game is a poor store to call itself a game specialist as they do not stock anywhere near a good amount of games. Profits are the only thing on their mind and this lack of ubIsoft property n such is probably going to give them some sort of power over publishers in the future to give them more ways to make profit from their games just so they can get a bigger slice of the top charting games pie.

      • Of course profit is the main thing on their mind. They’re a business, and a business that, despite a turnover of over a £1 billion a year, only made like a £10 million profit a couple years ago, and last year made a £10 million loss. So yes, profit is their concern when they’re making 1% profit, and even a loss.

  9. I fear this is truely the begining of the end for Game. This is what, the 3rd time this has happened. Whilst i don’t like Game’s pricing structure, i really hope they don’t go under otherwise it could mean that Supermarkets will end up dominating the market. And they only stock a few games.( my local Asda only stocks, Fifa12, MW3 and BF3).

    As i’ve said many times before, they really do need to change their tatics.

    • Agreed – Now more than ever.

    • Not only do supermarkets only stock a select few games, but their prices are now actually often higher than game! Go into a Tesco that sells games, and you’ll see things like RAGE – £25 new, £30 preowned (so it’s not just GAME who does that to preowned prices), or £42.97 for the newest release that has remained the standard £39.99 price in GAME. They have some good deals every now and again but its not like it was when Sainsburys launched Modern Warfare 2 at £23. If the supermarkets win then we’re gonna pay more for games from them than we’d have to at GAME.

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