Mass Effect 3 “Space Edition” Event Detailed

There’s a new trailer out to celebrate the Mass Effect 3 “Space Edition”. For those who don’t know, over the course of the next few days EA/BioWare will be launching copies of Mass Effect 3 into the upper atmosphere. You’ll be able to track the location, and the first person at the landing site will get an early copy of the game, plus a “one of a kind” fan prize package.

It starts today in San Francisco, before hitting Las Vegas, New York, London, Paris and Berlin. In response, expect Activision to project the next Modern Warfare trailer onto the moon.



  1. If Acti ever did project a trailer on to the moon, that would be very cool. Would be a good PR stunt for any COD: Future Warfare game.

  2. I wonder if Tuffcub will try to win a copy? ;)

    I can see a lot of fights breaking out over this. Plus, why london? Don’t they know that we have more then 1 city? What about Scotland? Doesn’t seem fair to leave them out.

    • Wales is a country too Steven

      • I know but they win everything! ;-)

  3. What if it lands on a hobo?

  4. Lol! Thats crazy!

  5. Hope it lands near me :-)

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